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Oct 2013
there once was a girl
who was an artist, but
here's the twist
a razor was her paintbrush
and the canvas was her

"Ugly" "Fat" "Worthless"
they were written
word for word
nobody thought otherwise
after-all, that girl is so
happy, that'd be

one night it was raining
and the thoughts became
to much
she reached for her
blades and blood
poured out with just
one touch.

the next morning her
parents found her,
it was an "accident"
they would say.
because after-all,
whould'a thought that
their happy daughter
wasn't okay?

She fought endlessly for
her life, but it
was all to much to
little did she know that
she'd be one of many in
this suicide
first stanza is from tumblr and i decided to add a twist, i have no idea who the original owner of the first stanza is but i hope its okay that i tweaked it a bit to use it. thank you and have a nice time reading, please comment!! thanks!
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