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Apr 2014
TO: All who toss & turn
FROM: Insomnia
DATE: 12/30/2013
SUBJECT: What crosses your mind?

Late at night, what crosses your mind?
As you lay down to rest
And your mind overflows in darkness

What thoughts or worries come through?
Does your heart rejoice with thankfulness?

Is damage the phrase that doesn't let you rest?
What is it that makes you toss and turn like a wave?
Do you think about what you left behind?

Late at night, what crosses your mind?
Do you worry about what's ahead?
Do you worry about what’s aside?
Do you have any regrets?

Perhaps, you have not realize your own pain
Which causes you to toss and turn like a wave

Next time you toss & turn
Don’t hesitate to ask yourself
What makes me toss & turn?
"If you haven't lost what you have embrace it."
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