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Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2015
Last Christmas I didn't spend time with family
But with friends
This Christmas I'll do it with friends
Exchanging gifts,
Opening gifts,
And being thankful for all that I've gotten
I'll enjoy the Perneal ham my roommate will bake
Celebrate another roommate's birthday
All these things I'll do on Christmas Day
Phoolmatee Dubay Dec 2015
I made a mistake again
And this I vow I would never make it again
It's been three days since I last made the choice to do it
And I feel better knowing that I will not do it today
And I hope for the best tomorrow
I find that the bravest thing I can do for myself
Is not to do it again
And I mean it
Because I turn out to be a loser
Instead of a winner
Therefore, how many times will I loose before I win again?
I don't want to loose anymore
Then I'll stop for my sake
To become the winner by being brave
Phoolmatee Dubay Oct 2015
If I carried myself
I'd be alone
If I walked a path with someone
This would mean sharing in direction with another
Walking a path together
With the idea of achieving something of value
Together taking directions
Walking a pathway

When I wrote my book of poems
Friends helped
Because I didn't do it alone
They listened and listened
And heard what I written
To be sounding board
To help and help in every way
I could have asked for
When I needed it
Phoolmatee Dubay Oct 2015
I am neither in the dark nor am I in the light
Just in limbo
It may be at dusk or at dawn
The moment where I am at is the moment that exist
Words are few to come by
With so little to say
But so much that is unsaid
I wonder when will be that day
Phoolmatee Dubay Sep 2015
good days are when moments stand out
but not alone
there are others to share it with
the good times
even in bad times we share with others
those we know
being there for us makes it easier to deal with
and bring us to better place during difficult moments
Phoolmatee Dubay Aug 2015
I'll discover again
To know again
This time
What's unknown will be known
What's old is out
What's new is in
Tomorrow's news will be yesterday's news
Whereas today's news will today's news
Any point this?
If I were a bird with blue webbed feet
What would you think?
A bird with blue webbed feet?
Or a bird that has webbed feet that's the color blue?
Phoolmatee Dubay Aug 2015
Lost in myself
Lost in my past but not in my present
Because yesterday seemed to hold more for me
Whereas today I have what's left off yesterday
Past moments gave me more
That led me to this point
If I knew differently
I would say differently
As I remember I remind myself of that
Then today will bring what I'll hold on to tomorrow
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