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Phoolmatee Dubay Aug 2015
It pours it rains
But when the rain stops
It is likely a rainbow appears
The rain cleans the air,
Gives plants water to grow,
And gives all animals water to drink for their survival
But it can be deadly with too much rain
But when the rainbow appears and dries us out
This is when we see we need them both
Phoolmatee Dubay Jul 2015
lost in time
but not lost in space
bewildered at times
from doing much for others and themselves
it shows that they are not selfish or self-centered

men of worth
men of love
men with values
as I know
are all men like this?
Phoolmatee Dubay Jul 2015
I wish and hope for all my needs and wants to be met
As I want all my dreams and aspirations to come through for me
As I pursue my life
In the direction in which I am heading
I know where I'm going
What my destination is
And when I'll get there
It will be the ****** to one journey I will travel
With many more to come
And many more journeys to travel
I'll go where I want
Get what I need
And conclude that there'll be even more than I expect or know off
Phoolmatee Dubay Jul 2015
this morning i awoke but torn inside
angered easily
distorted by reality
and I am even more angered with myself
i couldn't do what i want
then i decided i would write these words of my frustrations
I am isolated now
which brings even more alienation
but would i rather it this way?
I do not know
But i'd like to know
As i write i find myself
back to my space and own time
thanks to my keyboard
Phoolmatee Dubay Jul 2015
With mixed feelings and emotions
Once I couldn't understand them
Much less know what they meant
It felt like something was wrong within me
But today I've come to know
A little more about what they mean

They are my reactions of external influences
A natural reaction
A human reaction
Something not to be afraid off
But to help me realize that I'm normal
And only human
Phoolmatee Dubay Jul 2015
She stands tall even in difficult times
A? champion to us
A champion to all who know off her
A lady, a woman, and a friend to me
One person I've come to know
One person I've come to care for

She stands by you in difficult moments
As well as in difficult times
A winner at all times
Never a quitter
Phoolmatee Dubay May 2015
my life has been good to me
but it has been a difficult one for me
it has been a journey of reconciliation for me
one that i questioned as a child
and now as an adult i return to my past with dignity and respect for it
i now look upon it as questions i had that needed answers
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