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I'm your Red Oak tree
Climb on top of me.
Don't wait until Halloween
To make her scream
Not from fear
But for more.
She's a supermodel without the penthouse
It's a million dollar mistake if you're not careful
The overall outlook seems baleful
It can still be amended
This is a tiring game of pretended
I'm just hoping I've contended
We're in a time where people say whole lots of words but never meant them
Poetry plays a hand in it's crazies, cheaters and wifebeaters
Why are you trying to be her?
She has nothing on you and that's a fact
I care for how we interact
If you're not seeing someone let's have a discussion
You've dealt with and dished out the repercussions
I'm hoping to be the one the curve the stock arrow
Your life, your wishes, your fears, your passion
Each and every inch of your bone marrow
Don't worry about your one room apartment
The neighbors will have to understand
I care about you and your potential
Giving you something you always deserved
If not me, somebody better
They're out there somewhere.
If you're what I have
I'm going to be the one to raise your calves
High heels dropping off
I made a landing on you and I'm here to stay
There's no running away
Just the same feeling after we've sensually peaked
Making our dissatisfaction weak
With the world and our issues
Loyalty is rare
Everyone just wants to be bare
With nothing else
I like the action
But it's pointless without the emotional connection
My desires always comes second
That's a huge rule
Many of us miss
Form a petition
To stop calling sleeveless shirts wifebeaters.
I don't know what we're supposed to write
Why does everything I do feel trite?
Spending my nights binging Nick At Nite
Formulating ideas to get them right
Another sleepless night
Becoming a sleeping day
Lost on what to say
It feels like the whole world will pay
One way or another
Do you feel the same?
I'm looking to find my balance
Decorating it like valance
I'll bring plenty to the table
Talk about that spring balance
No more kidding around, kid's allowance
You want a real man
Looking for someone to stan
It won't happen at expectation
It will be a genuine donation
To your soul
When you're engulfed by the ghoul
Three strikes when you bowl
Too traumatized to smoke one
Good thing though, you don't want to be done
It's an unlawful run
Like you're afraid of Attila The ***
There's no need
To be swallowed in depression and other's greed
We all have our history of beads
That bog us down
You're not the only one in town
To have these emotions
But I might be one of the few to have that devotion
Causing intense commotion
You better bring the lotion
Because I'm making this swamp dry
Letting this fog die
I'm not a perfect guy
Maybe not the best buy
Maybe Geek Squad
I can barely carry quads
But I can carry you
To the shores
You can retain my core
These muscle remain sore
But I'd rather it be that way
You're the forever in the day
Unless you break my bays
Floodgates of acid
Don't like to come to this in placid
Or even casual
It all has to be natural
Call me super
You won't be believing your eyes
It's tough enough to realize
That you don't always need to be chastise
I like to run up the imaginary commas clockwise
Here's words to the wise
You got to read them
Carefully heed
Before you bleed
Out too much to grasp the rails
Carrying the pails
Dropping them horribly
I hope you'd be out unscathed
This pool we've bathed
Has changed us all
So refuse to stall
Face what's been breaking you
Because there's no replacing you
I'm not always going to be chasing you
So you better have a good reason
Don't force me into the feeling of treason
I can be your beacon
Your personal deacon
It's easy to weaken
Whether you're Persian or Puerto Rican
Same thing applies
The world can be full of flies
But you got to smack them down
Hard and ruthless
Just don't be shallow or toothless
I can definitely prove this
They'll devour you whole
Make sure they know you're swole
From the North Pole to the South Pole
You got it locked
Keep your weapon glocked
Firm and steady
So you're at the ready
Don't force yourself
To change to those peering
I'm going to be on the sidelines cheering
Snickering and sneering
It's all useless after the clearing
Do you want another hearing?
It'll be the same
You're born into this game
No need for the money and fame
You got that perfect level of tint
You're not desperate, you're just in a crisis like Flint
Everyone gets there
Under the rut
Under the rule of the oligarchs in the sophisticated tiki hut
Full breeds and muts
Are what they declare
But they couldn't be more wrong
We all don't sing in song
But the subtle singing still matters
No matter how hard they try to shatter
Don't destroy your bladder
Because you're growing sadder
Confront me, I'll drop it
Like the hottest mixtape
So I can fix your heart with invincible tape
Together we can vape
Just don't get too carried away
I like the bonding, let's keep it that way
Trying not to run out of things to say
To the likeness of you
What a beauty to see you swoon
Hate being gone so soon
If you were
That would be a tremendous stur
Causing me to say every derogatory slur
At the sky
Looking for a reason
Why this all transpired
You make my heart go higher
I'm not your sire
But we need each other
I got my brothers from another mother
But you are the rest
Pounding chest
Can you make another perfect guess
On where my loyalty lies
The last thing I'd ever do
Is lie to you
All these pictures I drew
All these planes I flew
The numbers turned into a slew
Nothing compares
To the Mary Sue
I found at the helm
I'll go wherever you realm
These gargoyles I'll whelm
They'll have to keep fighting
Cause my heart keeps igniting
It's a little freightening
But I'll make it work
I always do
Not always starting with the clues
But I can decipher all the blue
Turn you into orange and red
Making sure you're never truly dead
I won't ever imagine that story line in my head
Some things are better left unsaid
Give me your perfection instead.
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