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We made love under a tree
crazy me and obsessed thee
Ah! holding each other so tight
at the peeking pale twilight.

Caressing you from the nose,
sliding way down to your toes;
I made the chills run down your skin
kissing your cute trembling chin.

Locking your soft lips with mine
I used my tongue to give you a sign.
Closing the eyes, you went with the flow
You ripped my pant off and dragged it low

Excited by your aggressive touch,
I slowly removed your clothes.
And when I undid your red bra
you drew me closer and moaned ‘aahh’

You smelled sweet like the fresh smiling flowers
And you were all mine for quite a few hours
Your rapid hot breathe lured me more and more
I bit your *******; took our emotions to the core.

Delicately I went down and licked your ****,
that seemed to have aroused you a bit.
Then you scratched my back with your nail
I was happy to see my moves leaving a trail.

Thus, it was time to go for the ultimate bliss
So I pulled you closer and gave a passionate kiss
Gently I resided my hardness in you to quench our lust
Up and down I moved but tenderly at first

With each swift push, you moaned loud
by seeing  your amazing charm, I was wowed.
Time passed as we kept letting ourselves free
And this is how we made love under a tree.
Written some years ago.
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So when they ask me
what I will do
with my life
I will say
that I
Dance until the sky turns red,
and then I will dance some more.
 Nov 2014 PerfectTruths
 Nov 2014 PerfectTruths
Give me a reason to give you a chance
Because I'm so sick and tired of dancing this dance
The world has become grey just like your soul
And my heart, I fear, will surely explode
No more easy ways out
No more saving a shout
Give me a reason, one small reason, to give you a chance
Because I've finally given up on this ridiculous dance
Like you do not have a care
In the world
Like it is the only thing you care about
In this world
Of all ages
From many
Different places
We come together
Just for you
We become one
For this music
We all love
To pursue
We are Generation Sven
You create the magic
And we are here
To dance.
cracked nails with peeling hands
ugly dancers' feet
endless hours of stretching, leaping, bowing, and creating straight lines with no mistakes
you destroy me but, I love every moment of it
 Nov 2014 PerfectTruths
 Nov 2014 PerfectTruths
Dripping emotions
Eloquently evoking
Subtly stating art
Gracing gifts

   And            bliss
In                   every
Big breath bringing
Life                       on
The                    floor

Pure                        in
­Passion                   of
Existence expanding
As                  eternity
Is                        lived
Out                     loud

         When the
  Music         swells
   Beat           grows

The world fades into
Silently tells a story
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