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  Jun 2015 Paula Lee
Poetic T
"Slip it in, go on I can take it,*
"Slowly eager ******,

"She groans as a mixture of euphoria and pain,

"Do you want it to the hilt?
"Can you take that much in one go,

"Just push it in slow,
"I can take it I think,

"I ****** it in her, she bleeds a little,
"Who is more excited?
"I pull it out slowly,

"Arrr baby that feels good,
"That was deeper then before,

"When can I stick in you,

"We never said we would do that,

"Are you scared,


"I'll only do it once,


"She gets ready,
"I can see the excitement on her face,

"Now don't be a chicken,
"Bgirrk bruk bruk bruk,

"Just get it over,
"But not to the hilt,
"I mean it,
"I think your enjoying this a little to much,


"Don't be a baby that was barely the tip,
"God is the buzz you felt,

"It hurts, I think I'm going to be sick,
"O' my god,
"What are you doing,
Only once....
Only onc

She smiles as he turns silent,
Cherry red seeped out, and he lay slumped
On the ground, lifeless stained,
What had started as curiosity, as twisted trusting fun.
She had done her first, the one she loved.
Now the next would be just a lunge in the ,
Draining upon different floors. she had put
It in once and was addicted at the felling
Of putting it in,
Deeper the better not just the tip but to the hilt.
  Jun 2015 Paula Lee
it is intangible...

how I have tried
with high-falutin,
poetic words....
to describe
how I miss you..

but I never get it right...

I just miss,
the warp and weft,
we weaved between us,
those links of the fabric
of our lives.

small threads and large,
words and silences,
smiles and tears
oh how I miss, I miss...
simple touches, shared laughter,
a cup of tea and a seat in the
evening sun...

I miss, I miss, I miss...

I am not alone or lonely.
I am loved and love.

but... I have not become
reconciled to the absence
of you..... I don't think
I ever will...

I am resigned,
but oh how
I miss.....
one person can have a profound effect on you ans your life .....
for me this was my friend  Sue.
  Jun 2015 Paula Lee
Poetic T
one is for sorrow
urban tainted are feathers
tattooed black and white
Magpies are beautiful, but the tales are still sung of urban thoughts
  Jun 2015 Paula Lee
Poetic T
Infinity* had been there so long,
So many pasts where remembered for
Where one reality would
But for echoes that breathed unto the
New beginnings like a stain. Etching its
Way through this moment of clarity
But would taint upon a creation seeding
Into its fabric, a lost feeling, that moment it past into
Cold where noting but inanimate stones fell.
It was a path on which its existence was like
DNA, broken and scattered.
Now Infinity never let a tear fall, but this time
It was like a stone falling into time and cleansed
This lonely moment.
Now a time of yearning taken into the
Winds that spread a new kind of feeling.
Of hope not desperation, that followed
Each passing as life like a candle faded and
Then was like everything, nothing.
But a single tear fell from eternities gaze,
Now there is hope as we look up to the stars
Yearning to look into infinity pausing for a look upon its gaze.
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