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Nov 2022
When I drive you crazy, Do I remind you of how it feels to be loved lately? If I make mistakes, look pass and erase all these moments I tend to break. Missing the winters wind that brings sweet aroma's of you back and forth again. God how much I've missed your face. **** her games tightly laced. Please, not a word. Close your eyes and let me drown out your world. Take your first breath of true love. Your first steps pass these dark rugged walls that guards my heart. Reminds me of when the morning awakes. A taste of what awaits. My lips pressed against your skin up and down, all over the place. I set your troubled moments into ecstasy but I'm never to calm her again. My broken heart has no one to attend. she takes the best parts of me to it's end.

Is there a meaning to us
Or were we just dust in a whirl wind
I shut my emotional door if I must
Before My heart gets played again.
Must think me blind to your Aspirations To splinter the Mind.
Never thought of you, to play games of jack and Jill. The question is, does it **** to feel and my answer is yes, because it isn’t from your chest that your heart was ripped apart for entertainment of watching sorrows spill.
Away you wasting time with another. So thin you lay your foundation. Spread like butter. But what amazed me the most. Is somehow I was blamed for all that was boast. Yet just to be with you is what I desired the most. To play, to shay. One can make there own drifted, gapped, separate, parted way. You nesting on thorns and stickers. As the buzzing in your ear tells you how to steer the next drowned soul Lead by deception Delusion of affection drives you immensely insane beyond comprehension. So count me out. Never again to be turned inside out . A lesson you’ll live without.
Paul Sheridan Sanchez
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