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3.8k · Aug 2018
Today’s a new
Today's a new.
Took a breath, stepped  outside and Ponder upon Paradise Avenue.
Most haven’t a clue.
Stuck between a hard place and a rock bonded by that encrypted glue.
So don’t be rude.
Look the other way While I pursue.
Get in the way and even you’ll be tighten, fastened and *******. Intrigue or intrude?
Acting with passion taking my life wealth of metaphorical food.
I'm not in the mood.
I came to conclude.
The knowledge hidden will soon be removed.
Over the covenant stove.
Hypnotize lives will be brewed.
Ether produced broth of truth I accrued.
So in this life of Manipulating strife.
Conflict of fundamental issues got me on strike.
Take a hike, better yet ride a bike.
My mind has been overlapping Triple stacking in the apparent. Trying to come up with my own Patton of satin.
I will Manifest anything that’s internally speaking in a Ridicule fashion.
I'm rapidly expanding and the abundance is over flowing.
Is it me, is it you, is it us, was it he who walked above the sea?
Yes best believe.
Antiquity relics through Allegory marriage.
Helps to see Beyond and above the perished.
Come to believe and you will achieve.
That’s the hidden recipe.
Let me get some likes and comments please. Anything to inspire one another  is always good for the soul and growth of mine And subconscious. So if you read this please give your time, a quick sec to leave a comment. Please and  thank you
2.6k · Aug 2018
The mare of the knight/Night
It’s haunting me.
The thoughts that consistently Chasing my memories.
This isn’t who I asked to be.
But when I close my eyes a darkness consumes me. Surprisingly the pain and lies has been a part of life for centuries. Crawling in my skin like a centipede.
It’s been impossible to stop this vicious insane lifestyle.
Repeatedly falling into pain and misery to the point of exile.
But now I find myself looking at life in the mirror and seeing the new start, a new beginning of love and spiritual smarts without the terror.
Got to grab a hold of this new belief and clear my conscience  and vision before I close my eyes, lay my head and sleep. At first these nightmares were haunting me for weeks.
Sobriety has that look of shame, putting myself to blame at all time peek, but the intellectual teaching of the Toltec brought truth and love.
Integrity of possibilities from above.
No distress, distractions or to become oppressed  by others reactions.
Just pure love and that’s a sustainable fashion.
Without a doubt.
I love myself and myself in all, for all is yourself when looking at life through a mirror with kindness and passion and that’s the personal wealth that I’m putting into action.
2.4k · Feb 2019
Life In Emptiness
I am nothing less nor nothing more. Call me flat tone. Im only here to score. I’m a flat line living and dead. Dead is my rhythm. Every day in life is a day closer to rolling my last dice. Picture emptiness a pond  emptiness. Never to be born. Blacken eyes never to be worn. Never to ride a bike. Hell, never to be seen by light nor the depths of the night. Places to go but no horizon on sight. Blank page. No thoughts, plans,wrongs, rights, there’s no inspiration to write. A leaf that falls from the branch in spring. It falls forever in a endless scene.” Come to me” A voice said. “ Where’s me and do I have a choice. For I am emptiness with no meaning to life nor propose. For what use of dead air would you have of me? The voice said “ I’ll answer your question gladly”. “ In emptiness there is life and you shall give those of my children life. I said “ Master how can I give what is nothing? For how can one hold nothing but emptiness”?You shall fill their lungs and only through breath they shall hold you. You shall give life to all that will soon sround you. For you’ll be the emptiness in everyone that hold all life together under my crown.
2.0k · Jul 2022
Lost at all cost
Cause I can't be
Your restless refugee
On the run
Baby I'm not the one
And I can see
Endless possibilities
Without your guns
Baby your lies are done  

And I'm ashamed
Ashamed to become astray
Lost at all cost
Unable to maintain
This time fourth
And forever more stuck in parlay
Proceed to ones greed
Greed of today

Cause I can't be
Your restless refugee
On the run
Baby I'm not the one
And I can see
Endless possibilities
Without your guns
Baby your lies are done

Hallowed life
Life full of grief
Sacred sacrifice
upon a thief
Hobbies of robberies
Nightmare full of dishonesty
Lust for guts and glory
Never bothered me

Cause I can't be
Your restless refugee
On the run
Baby I'm not the one
And I can see
Endless possibilities
Without your guns
Baby your lies are done

Both hunger and thirst
Plundering lies
Lies came first
Followed by the cursed
Wasn't for the rain
The pain would never hurt
Coming undone
Just a negative sum

Cause I can't be
Your restless refugee
On the run
Baby I'm not the one
And I can see
Endless possibilities
Without your guns
Baby your lies are done

Harvesting hateful desires
Disgraceful taste
behind his gun to expire
blast comes the wrath
before the fire
Fountain the blood
thick as mud
dresses his attire

Cause I can't be
Your restless refugee
On the run
Baby I'm not the one
And I can see
Endless possibilities
Without your guns
Baby your lies are done
1.8k · Oct 2017
Lost emotions
Ashamed to become astray. 
 Lost at all cost unable to sustain.
This Time forth and forevermore in a parlay.
Perceived to one's greed of today.  
Hallowed life full of grief.
Sacred sacrifice upon a thief. Hobbies of robberies.
Haunting Nightmares of dishonesty. Lust for guts and glory never bothered me.
Both hunger and thirst.
Plundering lies came first followed by the curse. 
 If it wasn't for the rain the pain would never hurt.
Coming Undone.
Restless refuge on the run.  
Harvesting hateful desires.  
Disgraceful taste behind his gun to expire. 
 Fountain of blood thick as mud dressed his attire
1.4k · Sep 2018
What's the sun without the moon?
A bowl without a spoon?
A caterpillar without it's cocoon? A king without a tomb?
A song without a tune?
A fetus without a womb?
A bride without a groom?
 Proteus without Neptune?
****** without the tunes?
A house without any rooms?What's a flower that never blooms?
It's I absent of U.
922 · Mar 2016
Epic Ways
Holla when she sakes
King of hearts Ripples through the lakes
Making to brake
Dollars to take
simple or fake
Roll them dice as she shakes
Anticipate to elevate
Partpicate the wake
Passionate to wait
Overcoming overflowing overdose overloading
System flowing
holding the soal
shifting titonic plates
exspensive stakes
Misplaced mistakes
Expensive taste
Liquidate the place
Displaced Love
relocate hallucinate
darken hate
Tornado hurricane earthquakes
shaded pain
ashes brings
shadowed rain
875 · Dec 2020
Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.

I said I’m foretold to be the truth.
Swear an oath, but it didn’t bare any roots.
At any given moment one could lose his youth. Don’t know who he is cause he wears another mans boots.  
Walking irritations, bearing all the earnings of their fruits.
Limits are escalating and I’m tarring down the roof.
A Course to deviation, unable to see any other routes .
  Blind to temptations.
The struggle fits me like a  suit.

Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.

Time is deteriorating, everyday life of a destitute.  
 Waters are evaporating and I’m thirsty for whatever’s absolute.
Problems eternally materializing, full of sorrow and solitude.
Emptiness continuously multiplying, like a disease it pollutes.
Visions are tremendously horrifying, wishing to **** the sound and become a mute.
The story’s are ultimately glorifying, ghoulish torment and Chaos to distribute.
Nothing but hesitation.
Loneliness overtaking, going through all these hoops.
Screams are instantly mesmerizing, the ending is what They Pursue.

Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.
760 · Nov 2022
Harder to leave then to fight on a daily. I rather be caked with disease then to feel helplessly lonely. A drift at sea, It wasn’t you it was me. It wasn’t I it was she. It wasn’t her it was he. Who am I supposed to believe? Not you or myself, nor anyone else in between. Deception to deceive, a lesson to conceive. Depression well achieved. Corruption every since a seed. Disruption full of anger, hatred and greed. Will I succeed? Intuition well perceived. Perception of misery I heed. Their full of questions while I’m empty as I bleed. Aggression to relieve. Oppression we receive. Possessions we no longer need is love forever Anchored never to be set free.
756 · Oct 2017
This planet is a bomb
This planet is a bomb
Why can't we just see
This planet is a bomb
Waiting to consume everything
This planet is a bomb

The homie once told me
Everyone dies so expect to be left lonely
These fires will rise higher than the tides right below me
Everything as far as you can see with your eyes will be swallowed by the pain, laughter, and cries right before me
All the lies came to your surprise
That the ground was covered with jagged knives
Clouds crashing down when the fires filled these ****** red sky's
So what are we after
It's coming faster and faster the picture I capture
This world that we live in is a ticking bomb
Devise the disguise and think twice before the disaster comes
Cause this planet is a bomb

This planet is a bomb
Why can't we just see
This planet is a bomb
Waiting to consume everything
This planet is a bomb
635 · Jun 2019
In Ways Of Desperation
Tell me in ways of desperation
She's saying my name a **** from the raider nation
Under the sun rays of sin city waste land
We could've been made but u had me pacing
Im taking all fades like the time Im facing
Tell me in ways of desperation
She's playing them *****'s Trump in hand never changing
She's looking away but I had her craving
Pmoney my game and I'm never waiting
Could've made you my main but I'm always taken
Tell me in ways of desperation
Tell me in ways of desperation
Hated the fame but the money raked in.
They called u insane throughout your training
They put you in chains until your breaking
Now your stuck in those reins steered by satan
Tell me in ways of desperation
Could've been my brain that's always tainted
The look of shame on his face was painted
Dead I remain cause Im always hated
Was it the pain you retained that keeped u naked
Tell me in ways of desperation
Moments are stainded missery created
Your leaving me to blame and my life was slowly shaded
Were you feeling the same as we became separated
These clouds will rain as our love was faded
Tell me in ways of desperation
Tell me in ways of desperation
573 · Mar 2016
Baby We Can Come Together
Her lips are glossy
Words spoken softly
Eyes that despise
Everything you ever dreamed of
But the stakes are costly
Beware, caution to apply
Before the gleaming stare in her eyes
Nice or naughty
Melting to shape the curves in her body
I describe her skin
As the forbidden sin
The taste that makes the colors in the sky
When the day breaks
Emotions that out wave the ocean
Leaves you hypnotized
From her passionate tides
She moves as the wind
Making your world come to a spin
A wisper in your ear
Makes all troubles disappear
I wanta be yours forever
For what it's worth it's better
Baby we can come together
Baby we can come together
Hallow to the core
The earth's tears spatters when it pours
After the rain comes sunshine
After the pain comes more crime
The bird's will cherp as the thiefs steel
The burn hurts before the skin peels
Awake yourself before your eternal rest
Those who give there's wealth are those who's blessed
Open your eyes when you sleep
They wear a disguise and walk like sheep
If you listen the winds will tell
Stories that are written before the ring of the bell
I wanta be yours forever
For what it's worth it's better
Baby we can come together
Baby we can come together
Who am i
But just an light in the nights sky
To brighten your path
Giving you an option of righteousness or wrath
Growing like a muster seed in your heart
Stop the greed and play in smart
Wear a crown and wash your feet
If you frown you'll become weak and weep
As The leaves fall
Disease will come and devour us all
When the spring rise the flower blooms
We'll stand tall and wise once all is doom
Until next time
When we harvest from the vine
Be true to your soul
Just pay the toll
Clear your mind and reach your goals
I wanta be yours forever
For what it's worth it's better
Baby we can come together
Baby we can come together
529 · Feb 2023
How I feel
I know that I feel
way to high that I spill
Raindrops from the sky  
and I've known that I've tried

Just imagine, one day you'll be the one who's asking. For help to no avail. Your health done plummet and crashing, drove like a nail, and then I'm blasting, hocus pocus bad spells. Locked up without any bail, but still wouldn't tell and the fact is that I've given every minute I can spare. Time isn't replaceable and that just isn't fair. But I can't stay in my lane and I might trip on the politicians game. Never fake stay the same. Pulling rank ***** as I focus and aim at a snitch.

I know that I feel
Way to high that I spill
Raindrops from the sky  
And I've known that I've tried

I know that I feel
Way to high that I spill
Raindrops from the sky  
And I've known that I've tried

I know that I feel
Way to high that I spill

Blowing back clouds. All about that loud. And I wear it proud . Turn those tricks, face the facts hand me the stack and watch it flip. ***** knows the quality of a ****. Look at the story of Rick and Morty and how they came and went. Calling the shorty cause I wanted get faded and bent. Y'all try to catch up and yall *****'s feeling spent. Empty pockets so change the topic because you just paid rent. This music game I've only begun to scratch the service not even a dent. Because to this **** I found meaning while surrounded by worthlessness never felling content.  Dealing with ******* until it becomes intolerant. when they never got the hint. 

I know that I feel
Way to high that I spill
Raindrops from the sky  
And I've known that I've tried

I know that I feel
Way to high that I spill
Raindrops from the sky  
And I've known that I've tried
499 · Dec 2018
October Dusk
I'm needing to leave,
But because of you,
I'm glued to my feet.
Unable to walk away.
Stuck in my tracks.
The sight of you was unbearable to breathe.
I once shared another life with you.
An intuition of recognition is what I perceive.
I'm missing your skin,
like a feather misses the wind.
Carrying my soul from place to place
all in a spin,
without destination or control never to waste again.
Everything came so naturally,
Wild and free.
There isn't one thing that I'll miss
but of everything.
Remember when I once said this,
followed by a kiss.
Forever yours I intend,
but that's when the storms rolled in.
Just like that,
the start was an end.
Without no inbetween.
Short time, losted friend.
Missing you over and over,
again and again
498 · Mar 2016
Broken Heart Curse
I got played
Price is right
Bob Barker ***** made
Cold where I laid
The lies are bug poison
Heart to stone
What a trade
It was a love fade
I made she took
I cooked she ate
The price I payed
Heart Burn
Some one get the rollade
For ever I compensate
Incomplete never to communicate
The tape rolled on and on
This life has passed as I hallucinate
All yells
I panic
My world's havic
Can't hear nor see
To much static
Times divison minus plus
My curse is mathematic
Drama fanatic
Isn't she fantastic
Its all tragic
Sarrow stick It must be black mangic
And I'm the magnetic
451 · Sep 2018
Duck Duck Goose
Picking up the ounce and the nine
Leaving them elbows behind
I’m shaking bacon
I’m awaken, shift and shaping
all the time
Constantly looking behind
For the pigs all the time
Make a move,
Hot pursuit
Grab my boot and pop a few
gun shots multiple times
Fleeing the Scene of the crime
Cause I’m living out of my mind
That’s your constitution that you're saluting
I intrude before you pollute
Rapidly dropping like rain
Every one of them are the same
Eeny meeny miny moe
Pick one aim and let one go
Duck hunt
The name of the game
450 · Sep 2018
I’ve never endured such a panoramic sight of true intuition. Just the thought  exist and yet its a stupendous blindside. One desires no other soul then you. In this intuitive view their stand alone, A glowing form. An orb of pointless thorns. Her real name only I behold and what surround is a profound darkness Ready to be reborn. The light in a the storm that consumes the universe. The roundness in a flat world. Your the meaningful love I would give my life for. I know of what I speak of. The lustful power is sweat compared to sour. The anticipation grows stronger every hour. It's my heart as it makes it's first beat. The spark that starts the fire and the Divine rhythm is complete.
400 · Mar 2016
In The Air
~SORRY Girl~
~City of sin~
~My yen~
~I can never win~
~Sitting in~
~A jail pen~
~Taking the bad~
~Making the good~
~Positive Creation~
~That's what i'm doing~
~Like a bowling pen~
~The city's hollering~
~So I find my best friend~
~With time~
~In you I invest in~
~Rationing the time~
~with you in mind~
~ And you the one i'm missing~
~ Please~
~All I need~
~Is dedication~
~ Devotion~
~The future potion~
~Is It real~
~Can you feel~
Phil Collins
~I can feel it coming in the air tonight~
, ~oh Lord~
~Well, I've been waiting for this moment for all my life~,
~oh Lord~
~I can feel it in the air tonight~,
~oh Lord~
~oh Lord~
~Are time isnt wasting~
~With out a question~
~Hate me today~
~Cause your love i'm testing~
~Remember this'
~Kiss the music note on the wrist~
~Baby doll~
~Don't trip~
~Just sit and listen~
~What's this~
~It's a penition~
~Wet back attack~
~I'm steadily wrenching~
~Rationing the time~
~with you in mind~
~And you the one i'm missing~
~All I need ~
~Is dedication~
~The future potion~
~Is It real~
~Can you feel~
Phil Collins
~I can feel it coming in the air tonight~,
~oh Lord~
~Well, I've been waiting for this moment for all my life~,
~oh Lord~
~I can feel it in the air tonight~,
~oh Lord~
~oh Lord~
~Are time isnt wasting~
396 · Mar 2016
Never Ending
Open wound growing to consume .
it Surrounds me like a cocoon.
Soon ill burst in a bloom I'm cursed.
Never right always wrong so often it switches  off to on .
  toss whats lost forever it's gone at a pricey  cost .
I ****** for what evers worst.  
Fingers  pointing my direction.
First degree criticizing me.
complexity of their misconceptions.
Consideration of ones deterioration .
The foundation of life.
Irritation Seattle's like rust to medals .
357 · Mar 2016
Track Marks The Line
I can't seem to find this situation unreal to bind.
The scars are yours but the wound are mine.
Track marks the line.
One moment at a time builds up to a life of crime.
Losing my love one is bitter sour as lime.
Could this be the end of insanity or the start of reality .
In a instant the sound rings my chime.
Surrounded by the smell of pine.
How many hearts of mine will she brake a part?
I give her the count of nine
before it turns cold and dark never to bear a shine
344 · Mar 2016
And I don't know
If you listen you'll hear
Perfect sight blue sky's
Crisp and clear
No fear
Of this emotional tear
Near from far
Far from near
If life's a car
Which direction will you steer
Uncontrollable passion
Good intentions never lasting
Unbarring a scream
A question
Forgiveness is what he' asking
A painful lesson as year is passing
There's a fine line between crying and laughing
And I don't know, If I ever did you wrong
And I don't know, if I'm causing any harm
And I don't know, however long I'll be alone
No I don't know, if I'll ever make it home
Beg for mercy, But mercy never comes
Thirsty To add
Out comes all bad
Negative sum
Sad he's on the run
It's a gangster fashion
Life's all done
Point your finger
And I'll point my gun
Flash before your eyes and now he's blasting
Day to night
Night to day
Times a waste
Make these stakes
The price you'll pay
Dead awake you'll stay
And I don't know, If I ever did you wrong
And I don't know, if I'm causing any harm
And I don't know, however long I'll be alone
No I don't know, if I'll ever make it home
Gotta have patience to love
Gotta have love for patience
Gotta spend time to make it
Doesn't cost a dime when tainted
Blemish the facts when naked
Affectionately high maintenance
Painless desire to despair the fire
Gasping for air unable to compare
The choking stare in your hopelessness glare
Radically reaching higher and higher
Entirely growing more tired and tired
Previous lost of grip, as you struggle and slip
Back to the start, It's a never ending trip
So I make my stance while evil dance
Sticks to lance. Mill armor to pants
And I don't know, If I ever did you wrong
And I don't know, if I'm causing any harm
And I don't know, how ever long I'll be alone
No I don't know, if I'll ever make it home
316 · Aug 2020
Lost bird
Give me your words
Sounds of comfort in need
I’m running as I heard
My name whispering through the trees
Miserable sorrowful song bird
Singing of undesirable seeds and deeds
I’m taking a wrong turn
I’m lost within these streets

Is my name drowning
For air I pray and crave
My heart is aching and pounding
To time I am a slave
I must of been unbelievably mistaken
For this path I wish not to pave
My mind has been awaken
Form the past to this present day

Give me your words
Give me your words
313 · Mar 2018
Lifes a battle
Sleepless nights fills my desires to fight this Demented life of battles .
swords with Kryptonite. Ashes to shadows. Every direction I look theirs someone to dismantle.
Dragon spitting flames. Hot enough to  Melt the rains.A roar that leaves your bones rattled. Darkness over towers those who falls limitless to power or who opposed the handle . It's the last flicker of a candle as the hour lingers helplessly on. Every right is misplaced by wrong. Distorted Visions, All time Heights of superstitions. Mentally intense missions. To over come these dimensions Is to over come the decisions. So every choice matters when life seems to get devoured. Never turn your back and coward . The sun grows brighter as your strength grows mighter. . All the time u spend   Sins after sins adds up in the end.  Your visions goes blurry before it clears again. Your foes scary as the tears blows away in the Wind.
For those who criticize. Solidify the situation by intercepting pure determination. Tune the station trough meditation. see the light at end of the tunal
Just before the iritation stettles your rust turns into medal. Incapacitated toughts rips through the knots. Got to focus before the brain dies and rots. Don't roll the dice. Pay the price. For its a low cost to gain the lost. Turning sorrows into delights. The roads we take to control the stakes will leave you emotionally awake. If your tomb stone could speak you as well wouldn't sleep. No need to be discrete. Fill the nights skys with screams. Terrifying the weak. Warnings of the  horror that creeps through the sheets. All the pain that follows makes it hard to swollow. Need coals to carry on. Need souls to barrow.
310 · Feb 2018
Everybody will hear the screams from my broken tear. Everybody will ask, why does he always go back but everybody will see the truth of my misery. So this time I'll never give in cuz in my mind I can never win. This dime I'll never spend cuz your mine untill the very end. My pain and suffering it's my life I'm koshering. My shame and agony it's your games filled with tragedy.

It's an illusion  you draw near me I draw a conclusion. Look at the ones your using. I pay while you're choosing. Imposter intrusion Amazing posture with everyone on  her roster steadily moving. Can't escape this trifling monster a fact that's ironically proven and I'm the one whos repeatedly losing.
295 · Mar 2016
Complicated Love
It's complicated...
I rot with this in thought...
How you communicated...
I can't take it...
My world is shaded...
Time has now stopped, and slowly faded...
Alone in the dark. No light stands an empty park...
Dreams with you are reserved...
Our hearts are related...
Winter all year round. Cold castle from the ceiling to the ground...
No spring of joy now i'm tainted...
Humiliated on how I made it...
The soul is abominated...
My movie is ~K~ rated...
She's gone.I play the song...
As sorrows are elevated...
Show me the way...
Circle ~K~ coordinated...
I'm sober but with a broken motor...
So i'm intoxicated...
I'm all in...
Other wise single all my life i'll spend felling naked...
Those flowers...This hour...With all my power...
Last of my love was pollinated...
285 · Oct 2017
Over Coming The Past
Devour, lust, love, over power, sour bitter waste.
Taste of the hour.
Reaches beyond the highest tower. Coward foes laid as the flower rose. Suppose beauty are those who creep by at the death of the night.
Tip toes.
Soul of my life only glows when winning the fight.
Might you, might I, might us, Fly lost forever in the sparkle of your eyes. Taking, making, braking, awaken when soaring the ****** red skies. Expire the flames.
The fire grew higher when inspired by rain.
Shame only to be lifted by crane.
No pain no gain.
My wings remained yours only to be tamed and the rain suddenly  pours. Off track came this uncontrolled train. Faster then a plane.
When locked open doors hangs off balanced.
A heart crashes to the floor which created the mountains.
266 · Mar 2016
Lost Forever
Torturing pain in my heart
What was lost is now forgotten
Poison in my veins leaves my love rotten
Praying for the end or for salvation to begin
But once again there's sorrows from a far placed friend
Sour to the taste
Start of the race puts another sin in its place
Listen to these words If tears could speak you to would hurt and weep Crying yourself to sleep
Only one could treat this ever lasting leak
Stressful life never ending peek
She's no where to be seen
No where to be heard
No where to be found
I scream her name
But there's no sound to rain
What is she after
Who's to blame
Wishing I was six feet under clouds my brain
A ghost in her eyes
A whisper of lies
Visions of my true intensions
Fly's away in the brightest blood red sky
The night came fast
How many spins will my world last
Looking over my shoulder
For all those good times from the past
But the darkness gets colder
This mask grows older
A picture
A letter
I told her it's for the better
Never mind the flocks in the feather
Looks like I lost her
Forever and ever
224 · Feb 2019
I’m just a love bird
My earth and my sea you are my everything. I need you like the sky needs blue. If I’m gone to long remember me like the Bible needs songs and psalms I’ll never leave. We were never wrong because of our chemistry. Our love was a love that changed history. You were like medicine to me. Healing my soul with love remedies. You made me whole giving me plenty of dreams. Your heart I hold as I’m battling my worst enemies. Baby I love you to know, you were the best friend of me. Could never change your love because your love had the best recipe. You gave me peace of mind, frozen in time, I feel in love naturally. Crazy how closely your eyes looked after me. To hold you for ever under the stars above as we fall back and forth in love endlessly. Baby thank you for blessing me. You gave me the best energy and I gave you the rest of me.

If I can’t dream about you
I can’t be without you
All the crazy things that I’ll do
gots me running back too you

Baby am I that crazy
To say that this is the way you make me
I thought no ***** could ever faze me
But a ****** been craving you lately
Gots me upside down ooo so hazy
Baby it’s crazy how you made me


If I can’t dream about you
I can’t be without you
All the crazy things that I’ll do
Gots me running back too you
Song by Paul Sheridan Sanchez
224 · Jul 2022
Innermost thoughtful verbosity, desire lost philosophy,  misery phase cloudy darken days eternity pollinate sorrows validate emotional tormented hours. Time over lived Soul never paid ****** tolls. Antisyzygies, mystery, history never sold  failures unfold.  Always talked of ups and downs, the round and rounds, Voices tuned In and out of sound. Those who you love are those you keep around. Bound to hit the ground **** bound to have no out of bounds. Please pronounce specific reasons and keyed seasons why rhinoceros differ from clowns. Who your eternally meant to be, is your desire gracefully. Patiently speaking are those who embrace harden or weaken? Are those who loss haste starving or feeding, harvesting or greeting? you choose to pardon your heathens and I choose to marching and teaching. County blues never told proudfull news. Sometimes what she got to do, is what she's got to do. I tip my hats off to all of you. No *** for tat when played a fool. If you can't be used then  your useless, so it looks like we're all the tools. Mustn't be a difficult one to use, So bounce the ball, hop the wall and come back to rule And if you listen to my decisions, you'll learn to speak into your own existence. Your the maker of your dreamful visions or the maker of the bars which old your prison. How's that for tonight's lesson? Doesn't that sounds like a blessing? Indeed so good night you-all and keep on guessing. Because I plant the seed and it's not one of greed, but of needs not to be questioned. Understood essence.
216 · Oct 2017
Vision of Pessimism
Inner love when surrounded by hatred and misery. Pain floods millions of acres from ones sorrows. Raining days are endless. Dreams seems like reality as life seems dead. Tunnels of cruel intervention fills my thoughtless mind. As my heart sleeps full and enormous. I endure plenty to give all knowledge and understanding of passion. Caring unconditionally to all on earth. But why? If the messengers gave their lives for us to open are eyes. Will my brothers and sisters of today's civilization fight and the answer is no. So my heart is useless. My soul is tainted without eyes to fill with dreams. Dead to the world tormented life lingers hopelessly on. As still today its everyone for their self instead of all for one. Just a misunderstanding I think not.
196 · Sep 2018
Title unknown
A tiger can not change his stripes.
This is Cloud Atlas.
At any giving moment I’m ready to strike.
To speak with a intuitive eloquent manor.
The barks bigger then the bite and I’m bumping David Banner.

I’m going to,
Strategize, colonize, cultivate, materialize and manipulate common eyes to dissipate.
Politicalize, or political lies?
Moral paradox beyond the sky’s.
Not wise to cut more then eight pieces of life.

I make the past mine.
I make the present time.
I make the future divine.
I want to dispute you with a ryhetorical rhyme.
I make cloud nine a metaphorical food,
My manna
An Albert Einstein to consume in a fashionable manor.

To be continued.......
195 · Mar 2018
Under a bridge his love was applied.
The stars lit his eyes with joy and laughter.
Like a kid given his birthday surprise.
Inpatient to capture the very moment she arrived.
The red yellowish moon hung low.
Every second went by as he thought how much he loved her so.
It came no more the winds ceased to blow.
Under the moon light the ocean came to glow.
Sounds of the clashing tides apond the jagged cliff filled the stilled sky's.
He held the flowers tight out of sight.
Clutching his nervice pride with all his might.
Waiting to feel her soft smooth skin against his own.
Imagining her silky sweet voice whispering disired intentions in his ears.
He'll never let her go once he grabbed her o so dear.
Holding back his fear to be without.
So he trusted one thing and one thing only.
He trusted love with out a doubt that she'll never leave him broken and lonely.
150 · Sep 2020
Tell me now
Tell me now
I’m broken
Please explain
The unspoken
In your arms
I’m hoping

To die in vain
Yours I remain

Doors to your heart
Left open
All those harsh words
Softly spoken
I’m drowning now
Slowly choking

To die in vain
Yours I remain
117 · Nov 2020
Outta Line
Tormented life, struggles of troubled strife.
No delights when serving the dope pipe.
Fight for life at the end of the knife blood dribbles.
thoughts are cloudy and scribbled.
Mentally insane,
contemplating more self-inflicted pain.
Self-conscience remains.
Empty pockets empty brains.
Crepted invisible deceptive message makes all miserable.
manifested irritable,
cut throat on principle.
Need a death miracle.
My visions are endless.
My decision are critical.
Somebody end this.
Never to see a new day, Highly considerable.
Skin peeling served with blackening eyes,
as victims are screaming from scraping one vertebrae at a time.
Ripping out your spine.
Tormented elusion, negatively influencing and polluting my mind.
Life's worth losing when everyones out of line.
112 · Nov 2022
Rap Fam
When I drive you crazy, Do I remind you of how it feels to be loved lately? If I make mistakes, look pass and erase all these moments I tend to break. Missing the winters wind that brings sweet aroma's of you back and forth again. God how much I've missed your face. **** her games tightly laced. Please, not a word. Close your eyes and let me drown out your world. Take your first breath of true love. Your first steps pass these dark rugged walls that guards my heart. Reminds me of when the morning awakes. A taste of what awaits. My lips pressed against your skin up and down, all over the place. I set your troubled moments into ecstasy but I'm never to calm her again. My broken heart has no one to attend. she takes the best parts of me to it's end.

Is there a meaning to us
Or were we just dust in a whirl wind
I shut my emotional door if I must
Before My heart gets played again.
Must think me blind to your Aspirations To splinter the Mind.
Never thought of you, to play games of jack and Jill. The question is, does it **** to feel and my answer is yes, because it isn’t from your chest that your heart was ripped apart for entertainment of watching sorrows spill.
Away you wasting time with another. So thin you lay your foundation. Spread like butter. But what amazed me the most. Is somehow I was blamed for all that was boast. Yet just to be with you is what I desired the most. To play, to shay. One can make there own drifted, gapped, separate, parted way. You nesting on thorns and stickers. As the buzzing in your ear tells you how to steer the next drowned soul Lead by deception Delusion of affection drives you immensely insane beyond comprehension. So count me out. Never again to be turned inside out . A lesson you’ll live without.
111 · Jul 2021
To many try’s
I can’t even explain
Will you take notice
The look in my eyes
The sound of my name
The truth in lies
Is a rose in pain
Waiting under this cloud
Drenched in flames
Your losing me now
The taste of shame
I’m failing u some how
It’s all the same
Finally now
Will you set me free
My better half
Washed away at sea
Maybe I’m not ready
To lose this life
Everyone hurts me
Rather an edge of a knife
Can’t stay away
You hold my heart
The games we play
To drive us apart
I will win your love today
Well that’s a start
Shopping spree
Of sweet remedies
Filling my cart
110 · Nov 2020
Night Skies
I once walked the dark voided path of emptiness.
Searching for desire to love once again.
Surprisingly as it seems death was my reality as well as my dreams.
Not a light to guide, nor a purpose to strive.
Not a place to be seen.
Not a place to hide.
Before I met you I had lost all hope in truth. Then you came into my life, a light not a one could describe.
The star of my night.
The sparkle of my eyes.
Is this truth or have I been hypothesized.
108 · Nov 2020
Passing looks across the room.
She takes a moment in despair.
Noticing me at once but dares not to share.
Telling herself in confidence theirs not a one who compares.
Speaking soft sweet desires in the gloomy nights air.
Most take no notice but I couldn’t help but to stare.
Odds stacked against me the games just isn’t so fare.
Wishing to caress her body while running my fingers through her hair.
Dreaming of lustful inquiries to long got me no where.
Moments lost in time forever one couldn’t care.
Once I accomplish my endeavors entirely only then her name I’ll declare.
105 · Oct 2020
Your as magical as a flowers pedal upon the sea.
Floating ever so effortlessly.
Only to Reveal yourself when the moons essence illuminates thee.
The whisper of the night’s breeze will bring a moment of clarity.
All is right, all is free.
Free from the ******* that binds you to me.
The flower and the seed.
Forgetting today’s Tragedies.
Tomorrow’s a new fruit,
one full of endless possibilities.
Letting go of artificial needs and obligations to fulfill your greed.
Urgency to be everywhere at once,
but not I.
Patiently I drift,
Just a pedal upon the sea.
94 · Sep 2020
People say
People say
“ keep your head up”
but I’m down
People say
“ carry on”
when you hit the ground
But I’m at rock bottom
And I need you now
But your no where to be found
Tears in my eyes
And there’s no friends around

What can I say
Bad new comes on the regular
But at lest I have you to look forward to someday
If I could remember
I was lost from September to December
Cold dark path which I surrender
And your the only one that can tender my render
But that’s when I caught this splinter

People say
“ keep your head up”
but I’m down
People say
“ carry on”
when you hit the ground
But I’m at rock bottom
And I need you now
But your no where to be found
Tears in my eyes
And there’s no friends around

The sky’s are the limits
But the skies are below my feet
And I’m falling when timid
It’s there tradition to be distant
No recognition to these lessons
Internally burning when served another sentence
Life’s upside down and I’m a menace
But what could I do?
Tussling hard to get out the glue
I’m perishing without a clue
And I’m finished
84 · Sep 2020
Swaggy’s life
Walls Are closing in
To many barred cells
I’m trapped within
To many years incarcerated
One can spend
Mentally of physically
I could never win
These institutions
Become my only friend
This clock keeps on ticking
And my time’s running slim
Ten years in the system
Yeah four years in the pen
A motor without a piston
These tires will never spin

The only part I’m missing is one without an end. Look at your friends, look at the when’s and look at my Benz. Jump in the whip with all your sins. We’re all in this **** so take a look through the wide  lens. So you think your picture made perfect. Swaggy’s in the back seat cause his life was worthless. Never took shot gun or driver now his life’s ******* like a screwdriver. So what’d you know looks like we all have a place in this world. So grab the steering wheel and Let’s go explore. Once upon a time life was all about the score. ******* these *******, selling these drugs and kicking down doors. Never went to school, never worried about chores. Always hung around the ruff crowds shooting outta Ford Explorer. His name was Swaggy. Never had a real daddy and lived life by the baggie. He was always wearing his pants saggy. Clutching his nine, selling them dimes and yelling at ******* get at me. Next thing you know, he was swerving outta control. Catching them bodies got him life without parole. Now he’s trying to get ahold of someone on the prison phone. Sad no ones ever at home and he’s always catching that busy tone.
82 · Sep 2020
Lately I’ve been thinking
Thinking to myself
That this life’s been sinking
Sinking beyond the belt
It’s up to my neck
In all the **** that I dealt
I drove straight into a wreck
With all the guilt that I felt
So I guess my life wasn’t worthy
To move on by myself
I need you in a hurry
Before all my time runs out
So baby bring the gurney
For I lost my way
It’s dark and it’s scary
And all the lights gone away
I’m broken and thirsty
For all you love today
Don’t leave me cold turkey
Please help ease my pain

Baby this life
  I can’t take it
I want to be heavily medicated
  Every time I try to sleep
I’m awaken
  Promises I couldn’t keep
Has me breaking
  Days turns into weeks
And I’m fading
  Moments to soon to speak
Words complicating
   I’m lost within reach
And I’m irritated
   Baby this life
I can’t take it
72 · Sep 2020
Something from the past
Slowly deteriorating in life
Living on the edge of a knife
One day I want a kid
With the perfect wife
As the world's at full trottle
I try to be the best role model
But no one knows right
At night I work
Wasted time is a ****
The world I fight
But still out of mind out of sight
I hate this
What subject did I miss
It's hard to work at night
And sleep away the day
One goes a long way
A kiss
with a music note on the wrist
My heart smile's
While everyone beats it with a fist
I done
give me a gun
The poem I killed
As I run

— The End —