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Surrounded by those you care about most only to feel incredibly alone in the midst of it all
Take a bite of the magic food and feel your body relax
Feel your mind fuse with the THC that is now in use
You are the you that you always wanted to be and all it took was a little hit of ****
Take a puff and feel the smoke bite at your lungs
As you inhale what you consider to be sweet freedom you exhale the blissful self medication of narcotic release
You 'll laugh and join in a crowd to feel alive.
Now ask yourself this
Are you proud
Proud of how you have to use smoke clouds to enjoy the beautiful world around you
the thing I hate to be the most
now look at me
The person I want to be is gone
Now all I want to feel is the chemical melodies of the song that is my high
I want to tell those I love goodbye and not feel guilty that I want to die
Tell them that when I get high I feel as close to death as ever
Tell them to let me be
tell them I set myself free.
Made this when I was really upset because I started smoking ****, got over it though...
You said
That I am so selfish
Because I keep myself shut
From people who tried to help me

You said
That I am so selfish
Because I can't cry
In front of my best friends

You said
That I am so selfish
Because I keep my cheerful act
And hiding behind my mask

You don't know
How hard it is
To receive help
When I just want to rely on myself

You don't know
How hard it is
To cry in front of others
When I think crying is a weakness

You don't know
How hard it is
To not act as a cheerful girl
Because I have become one with the mask
In that one moment everything changed
she went from innocence to cliche
Just turned sixteen and it was claimed
the path she chose now changed
leaving the broken remains
and a girl who knows to much
Who knows how to ****
who knows what it means to ****
who knows how it feels to moan out in ecstasy when she is touched

In that one moment everything changed
she went from cliche to ****
Just wanted to be loved but instead got ******
rumors flew of what was growing in her gut
the poor boy couldn't keep his mouth shut
she hadn't bled in over a month
with blood drawn she knew he didn't ***
negative results from tests taken
knowing everything's price isn't worth payin

In that one moment everything changed
she went from **** to *****
she got tired of trying to scratch that itch
no longer wanting to be the ****
tired of her name being passed around
knowing now that she had to fix
knowing how she now had to stitch her life together.
now she was bit by something he kept secret
she laid down with that dog and got up with a disease
it's so sad i thought he really loved me
Mama I'm lost
I can't find my way back
You said stay on the side walk
As always I didn't listen now I'm lost

Mama I'm lost
I ended up hurt again
You said don't play with boys
As always I thought i knew better now I'm lost

Mama I'm lost
I don't know who I am
You said always be true to yourself
As always I tried to be what others wanted now I'm lost

Mama I'm lost
I can't find my way back
I ended up hurt again
I don't know who I am
I'm lost
He lied to me
only wanted my virginity
made me feel like i was infinity
Except the times he abused me

He yelled at me
called me names and obscenities
creating all my insecurities

Only to build me into what he wanted me to be

She saw what he did to me
manipulated and broke
she warned me of his problem things

But i didn't listen to her cautioning

Mama he cheated on me
nope didn't take my virginity
but broke me down and created insecurities
for the girl he wanted me to be
only to go on and leave me


He cant hurt me
I'm stronger now and better see
I should have listened to my mama
when she told me

**That boy is no good for me
Made this about my ex my mom warned me but i was all gaga for him so yea lol
Make Believe
Is what a child does
a child Make Believes their a dragon

Make Believe
Is to pretend to be something
or someone you're not for simple fun

Make Believe  
Is what i do i pretend
but i don't do it for simple fun

Make Believe
Is what i use to hide
to hide the pain and sadness

Make Believe
Is being happy to hide
i pretend to be happy for my family
I make believe for my friends so they believe
I make believe for myself so i can pretend the pain isn't real

Make Believe
it's what i used to do
to get by now my smile is real
my tears never in vain and my scars...
gone no more

Make Believe is not for the weak
It's for the strong who have no way put until they fix themselves
its time we take off our masks and stop pretending
no more sadness
I learned not to trust people
because my heart is locked tight
due to someone i wish i could have loved
but sadly my heart was bright and naive trusting
anyone who said they wouldn't lie to me while they used me
with the words of lies breaking my trust as my ***** start to fly away
i used to care but that day i declared war on my heart so now i will NEVER fall apart due to your unfaithful "trust"
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