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Malaysia    sinner
Carter Ginter
24/Trans/Washington    Trans, Queer poet
nichole r
just a simple girl who escapes our flawed society through pouring her words on to a crisp, white page.
I prefer to stay anonymous and go by Elf, I'm an artist and writer. I'm just expressing my overwhelming misery of being a human being ...
Rod E Kok
Alberta, Canada   
Jono Holme
Elfor ECH
Lake worth    May all beings be released from suffering. (fuck)
Julia Rose
21/F/Virginia    "Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be."
Asch Veal
New Jersey    She wrapped a string around my finger so I did not go missing because I fill from the inside with helium when ever I see ...
A bread and butter poet. I write what I see and feel in my heart. Like an artist I like to mold my words into ...
St. Louis   
Japan    i hope you're doing great. please find your happiness. you deserve it. -j.a.m- © All Rights Reserved
Gwen Pimentel
the best way to get over someone is to turn them into literature // where my unsaid things go
Lisa Mendoza
Philippines    @lisamndza
Tori Jurdanus
Live in peace, speak with love, and write the rest down on paper.
F/I'M ILLUSIVELY"HERE"    Thousands of words; never enough to say or express. Stuck inside me, mute; yet expressionistic... Shy; yet bold; exotic & ordinary , mesmerizing, a beautiful ...

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