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Aerinlia Jul 2018
Something that can't be spoken easily
Something that cause judgement
Something I need to tell
Something that hurts so bad

Why is the truth so hidden?
Like a bad thing
Why do we are supposed to believe pretty lies?
Is the right thing always that bad?
Aerinlia Jun 2018
I don't even know his face
I don't even know if I like him
I don't even know if he is my dream prince

But I don't care anymore
His very existence can make me smile
His fatherly words, as if I'm his daughter
Already enough to make me feel loved

Even though I've been fooled before,
Somehow I trust him fully
Even though I vowed to never love again,
Maybe this is my second chance
o hi i comeback after hiatus for 6 months lol
Aerinlia Feb 2018
Get me out from this hellhole
Stop stalking me
Stop making me insecure all the time
Stop bothering me
Stop making me feel watched
Aerinlia Dec 2017
I know how to cope
Yet I can't cope

Uninterrupted sleep
Yet I can't
Because dad will wake me up

Sounds of nature
Yet I can't
Because mom will turn off my computer

Yet I can't
Because mom hates lavender.
Aerinlia Dec 2017
A pat on the shoulders
Can't reach me anymore
Emotional music
Can't reach me anymore

I can't reach out anymore
I can't reach out anymore

I keep becoming a worse person
Day by day
I keep becoming a hopeless sould
Month by month
Aerinlia Dec 2017
Twenty-two years ago
My mom made a big mistake
She gave birth to me
A cursed child
There is no such thing as happy birthday
Why do everyone keep saying happy birthday to me?
Well, at least there is a good thing
I'm one step closer to death now
So, I guess I should be happy.
Aerinlia Dec 2017
I'm supposed to look forward to it
I'm supposed to look at the future
I'm supposed to be happy
But all I see is a dark tunnel.
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