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noor Jan 7
i am scared
of what you all think of me
that i am not real poet
that what i create is not good enough
that what i write is not valid
"this is not what you call poetry!
this is just a sad sad tale
called your life"
i dont know where this is all coming from but i just started feeling really insecure in all of my work all of a sudden...
noor Jan 5
people say
that love is the only thing
that money cannot buy
but love is the only thing
that can buy the wealth
of my sanity
lately all ive been writing is related to love but im not even in love
noor Jan 5
the breeze gently caresses my hair
they freeze my tears, and any tears threatening to flow out
this time of year always makes me the saddest,
yet the cold weather always finds a way to try to cure my sadness
since you have not been here to take that role anymore
maybe i am just trying to find ways to comfort myself this fall
but i can feel the cold wind hug me
letting me know that its okay that you're not here
because now i have discovered a new friend
a new partner
it is no longer you and i
it is i and the world
i wrote this back when it was fall
noor Jan 4
your words like poison
your words so addicting
"i love you"
but i should have known that your poison
would strike my heart
right after my brain
noor Jan 4
the heart is fragile
there is a reason its shielded by a cage
the heart needs the eyes of a person
who knows love
so do not hand such a delicate thing
into the hands
of the blind
noor Jan 4
tonight the moon looks particularly big
I look up and smile
it feels so close but yet is so far away
I stand on my tiptoes and reach for the sky,
knowing full well that
I will never be able to reach it

to reach the moon
I will have to take great lengths
to reach there
I will have to change myself.
prepare myself for the trip up there
but it is so close

why can’t I just reach it?
why can’t it just come down here?

oh, how foolish of me to think this
something so beautiful could never
and would never come down here
especially for me

maybe I am not speaking of the moon
maybe I am speaking of you

but both things are so far away
I will never reach either of you
but honestly, id go to the moon and back for you.
noor Jan 3
5 seconds
to 5 minutes
to 5 hours  
to 5 days
to never.
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