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noor Jan 4
the heart is fragile
there is a reason its shielded by a cage
the heart needs the eyes of a person
who knows love
so do not hand such a delicate thing
into the hands
of the blind
Randy Mcpeek Sep 2018
My Broken Life

I am a mask, trying to conceal all the pain I'm in.
On the surface I may seem perfectly happy, with a job, home, and family.
However, I can say with certainty that my life is far from perfect.
I compartmentalize my actions based on the needs of the moment. I am removed from it all, coping.
What I carry around inside me, not being okay, is almost too much to bear...but I do it.

The problem is me. It's always been me.
Memories alone can break a person's spirit.
I think if I committed suicide that I wouldn't go to heaven. The one place I believe I would be happy.
If there is a purgatory, I am in it. It's called life.
My broken life.

Randy Mcpeek
Marisa Lu Makil Mar 2015
She's beautiful
She's old enough to be taken seriously
And young enough to have new ideas.
She is happily married.
She has a wonderful husband
And everything one could ask for.

I am not so beautiful
Old enough to be held responsible
Young enough to be ridiculed
I have never been in a relationship
I have no significant other
I am lacking in so many ways.

I sin
Every day.
I am broken
All over
And I can't
Seem to fix it.

I feel like they almost
Don't even need me anymore
I just wish
Wish that I could
Be as perfect as her.

Maybe I'll leave.
Maybe I'll never come back.
Maybe no one will notice.

— The End —