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Nithya Venkat Apr 2015
Is it time to leave
Do I have to go
Do I really have to leave
Tell me it is not so
Look deep into your heart
Is that what you see
Come on tell me now
Do I have to leave

Think about the times
I was the only one
Who lit a fire in your heart
Embraced you in my warmth
Tell tell me now
Is it really so
Do I have to leave
Do I have to go

Even though I depart
I have you in my heart
All your memories
Buried deep inside of me
I only want to tell you
Oh my dear sweet love
I will never forget the days
We were truly in love

Do I have to leave
Do I have to go
Even though I say goodbye
I do not want to go
I wrote this poem thinking of broken hearts and sad goodbyes.
Nithya Venkat Apr 2015
You may feel this way
Times are bad
Life is no good
It hurts a lot
I do not understand
Why it should
The pain is deep
It does not go away
Throbbing on and on
Feels like it is here
Forever to stay
Remember this
Bad times like dark clouds
Can never stay
The wind
Will always
Blow them  away
Bad times like dark clouds
Can never stay
The wind
Will always
Blow them away
Nithya Venkat Mar 2015
Flames swallow my heart and soul
As you hurl hateful words in anger
Words that never die and live on
In my memory
Like glowing embers
They keep hurting
Slowly but surely
They hurt
Is it that you hate me?
Is it really so?
Is that why you hurl words
Hurtful words
Sharp as knife
****** deep into my heart
Not satisfied
You take hold of the handle
And twist it right in
Till it cannot be pulled out
By any force on earth
Never wanting to stop
You keep twisting and turning
In anger and hate
Your words **** me
And suffocate my living spirit
I am alive but still dead
Are you happy now?
Some people hurt the others so deeply with their hateful words and try to **** the spirit of life in them. Such people do exist on earth and take great pleasure to hurt the other. I wrote this poem thinking of the person who is the target, the suffering soul.
Nithya Venkat Feb 2015
Life drained departed
Into a land of silence
But somehow
I feel you
In the night's breeze
In the whisper of trees
Rustling in the wind
I can hear your sigh
Your voice echoing
In the silence of the night
All of a sudden I realize
That you are here nearby
I feel your presence
Up close next to me
Trying to tell me something
Suddenly I awake
Feeling your presence
In my room
I see not nor do I hear you
But I still believe
You have never left me
Living on forever
Even in still life
Nithya Venkat Dec 2014
Happy New Year
Hoping that waves of joy
Rise high to wash away the sorrow
Take away all the pain
Hoping that each tomorrow
Brings on waves of happiness and joy
Days filled with warm sunshine
That warms soothes heart and soul
Hoping that the scorching heat of war
The pain of losing loved ones
Be washed away by gentle waves
Stop forever never to occur again
Hoping that the New Year
Will bring good tidings
For all of us
To enjoy to live
In peace and harmony
Happy New Year!
Nithya Venkat Dec 2014
Without a doubt
I know it is you
Calling out to me
Your sweet voice
Ringing in my ears
Singing your true love
Humming a tune
That makes my heart beat
A mile a minute
In leaps and bounds
I cover distances to meet you
On the other side of the universe
Nithya Venkat Dec 2014
Night Sky
Stars twinkling vibrant
Glowing in sheer darkness
Reminding me
That there is a heaven up above
A heaven
Where all goodness prevails
A  heaven
Where there is no misery no pain
A heaven
Filled with pure joy and happiness
A heaven
Where peace rings true
A divine paradise

Star studded night sky
You make me hope
That one day
Will be
A reflection of heaven
Where all live together
In peace and harmony

Night sky drenched in dark
Lit up by twinkling stars
Giving me hope
That all darkness will fade away
Filled with twinkling stars of hope
A true heaven on earth

Star Studded Night Sky
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