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Love is beautiful
Patience and kind
Movie star kisses
Making passionate love
Paints a pretty picture
But lets get down to the nitty gritty
*** is ******* good
Rough and passionate
But the next day can be filled with regret
The next ******* day is plan b
And why don't people *** after *** on the television?
Thats a urinary tract infection waiting to happen
Or yeast infection
What the  televison doesn't t tell you
you can get hpv with a ****** on
Hpv leads to cancer
(but not all strands- you still got hope)
maybe a chance you already have hpv
Because almost every sexually active person will have it at one point in their life
What the television doesnt tell you
after **** some girls will have to take a huge ****
And most girls don't like ****
It hurts every ******* time
What the television doesn't tell you
how to use proper protection
That you can be rubbed raw
Get a hernia during ***
Sometimes its pretty ******* bad ***
Its not pretty
It can be awkward
It can be silly
and you do not need to act ****
What the telly doesn't tell you
Is how it doesn't matter about the age you loose it but when you have the emotional intelligence to go through with it
Even then you do not know that you have opened Pandora's box
You do not know what you think you know
The specialist are still figuring out ****** hygiene
So the next time you watch the television and you see the **** stars or teen lovers
It is not so easy
*** is complicated
But can be good and worth it with the right person
No matter what age or relation
You asked have you ever abandoned me as a mother
How about the time I told you about the abuse my sister but me through and your response was "thats my daughter too amd you are attacking her and I have to protect her"
My emotions mean nothing to you
An exact replication of you
My emotions are not real if they are your emotions
My thoughts do not matter if they are not your thoughts
I am not your favorite so you disregard me
Blame me for everything
Its all my fault
My anger and sadness is not important
I am not important
If I killed myself I would not deem it selfish because my life is not yours and my feelings do not matter to you
But my body does and my namekin to you
When the walls started closing in
and my brain turned to syrup
I slid down into a stupor
My mother makes me strawberry/mango Italian soda
the sluggishness liquefies
my brain becomes active
the bubbles floating my thoughts to the top.
When my vision is narrowed
and the fire is lit within
burning the inside's out
pass me some of that pop
and its the little things that matter

Observant servant to the soul
Not even owning your own body
glitch glitch glitch
all over my face
can't say a word without a fight
stuck in my head, can't get out
Maybe if I keep talking the words
will sometimes maybe came come from my mouth

My thoughts suffocating me
My head aches
Please please no more
I want to step out
looking outside the bagel shop
calmed my mind
When I die
I'm going to sigh with relief
(And if there is no after life
then I already accomplished what I want)

If the higher being asked me what I wanted to do
I would say "too sink into oblivion"

But thats too selfish
So spread my soul out thin
like you are scadering my ashes
Throw my soul out into the ocean
I will comfort all the sunken ships
Or lay me in the dirt
I will be compost for the grass to grow

Just please let me be a part of nature
I want to become a part in something that is bigger and beautiful than humanity
Its the reason I stayed in that relationship
So mean. Abused and and used,
But I thought I saw the light
I thought "I don't know when I will see you again but I have hope."
Cried for all the world to see
It was a lie

Its probably why I believe in one night stands
There is no hope at an end of an organism
Thats probably why;
When you said I was beautiful
I stradled your body
called you a liar in mid moan

I don't believe in anything anymore
I don't believe in the future
I don't believe in him
And I sure as hell don't believe in hope

At least as a good thing
Its trickery and mischievous
Its a preempt smile
And a downward spiral
Its a lie
Drinking away my sorrows
Not mentally healthy
Does anybody want to give me attention
Does anybody want to **** me
A relationship end
It does not change you
You are not loved anymore
I am sorry
Its like forcing a puzzle piece
that don't fit.
I love you
but your from a different pod
It was easier when we were young
when we were in college
and only had each other
We were so lonely
I cried myself to sleep each night
we got drunk to pass the time
watching classic movies
Falling asleep in each other's arms
soothing embrace when the nightmares came
now, I hardly sleep next to you
embracing you does not feel right
I love you
but I feel disjointed
You no longer need me
we are on two separate paths
that might never join again
We will never get married
I wont ever carry your babies
And it breaks my heart to say this.
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