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mid December vivication
where steady rain accosts snow shod sod
cold and callous kiss of contempt
dawning different shades of blue
which leave me
paralyzed in apocalyptic premonitions
trapped in the grasp of a memory
i want to delete all the memories
just like i did with all our pictures
i want to forget our history
and act like we're strangers
i don't want to miss you anymore
i want to get over you and close the door
i know you're not missing me
i know this is how it's meant to be
#forget #memories #relationship #missyou #strangers
If I seem broken on the inside,
It was him. Not you,

(C) 23/10/2019
Scars left by another, seen by the one who loves us now
Life is a sacred journey.
No two are the same.

Respect for divergence
is paramount
to a holistic experience.

is not about
t'is simply what's made thereof

is a sacred opportunity
not to be taken lightly

Our Bodies
are our umbilical vessels
which tether us
as mortals
to "Reality,"
which, in itself,
seems to me to be
a reduction of potentials
from chance
to actuality

such ephemeral eternety;
infinite limitations;
actualized potentials;
possible paths-
these are but some of
the koan-like attributes
which lead me to use
the rather ambiguous
and ambitious
term "sacred."

it becomes
One may well will
to create thereof.

Action is Manifestation,
yet Thought begets Action.

Therein lies the sacred gift of Life.
'T'is all too oft taken for granted.

Every living being
(i am convinced)
has an equally vivid depth of experience
and I find it more than somewhat offensive
that humans (with a lowercase H)
feel they are the penultimate organism.

All is One
in that existence, itself,
tethers us all
to everything
and probably even beyond,
and so
to be so
hubristic and arrogant
as to assume a hierarchy
so convieƱantly crested by mere
**** Sapiens Sapiens
seems to me to be
an anthrocentric and narcissistic projection
of that meddlesome ages-old archetype
of the "Ego,"
that is to say "God,"
whatthefuckever that means!

Find it in thyself
to be humble enough
to accept that each and every iota of "Creation"
is, by virtue of association, equally sacred; divine.

Heirarchy, thus, seems to be a manifestation of some desire for order; control; a yearning to alleviate some hypothetical insecurity as a result of being essentially "absolute, infinite" (vis-a-vis the domain of Consciousness) yet contained within a vessel that is mortal, and, thus, ephimeral.

The Ego doth so loathe it's own limitations:
too bad it's far too arrogant to realize that most of the limitations it experiences are illusions, allusions;
charades of an insatiable Consciousness
Hell-bent on experiencing something
it won't redily allow itself to experience!

What a Holy fuckton of
incredulous, ineffable, impalpable, inspirational **** that would be, eh?! (insert interrobang)

I am me (I think...)
as thou art thee;
so why can't that just be good enough?

Could it be?
What obstruction precludes such harmonious divergence?
I reckon 't'is but us;
and very little else, indeed!
You know it's genuine inspiration if it's highly inconvenient.
I figure that's the ****** up sense of humor God has.

Thank you for reading.
Blessings upon thy Path!

I am not religious.
God is a word.
Words are not the things they symbolize.
'The map is not the territory.'
While the afternoon is glum
I would draw my chair
and write my verse.

I would choose the words carefully.
I would calculate the space.
I would blend the atmosphere in all perfection,

and I would prop its truthfulness
until it is strong enough to stand beside your name
under this overcast sky.
If you're the moon,
I'm the sun,
hopelessly chasing night
but you're on the run.

Or maybe I'm the tide.
and as I taste your shore,
I'm ****** out to sea,
desperately longing for more.

I never dreamed of being
your tragic impossibility,
but for you and me,
love was never meant to be.

There's a time in your life
when you question your sanity,
but it's already gone
when you end your sentence
with a period
and not a question mark.
There was once a time where
I felt so strongly
Within me was an eagerness
cradled by a fire that only
inexperience could kindle

I plunged blindly into
the depths of feeling
unaware that death lied ahead

but o the death did come
with it's menacing smoky
pain. Paralyzed me like a shock,
electricity unexpected and cold

Left me dumped in the stagnant
waters of struck-down lovers
who hadn't quite learned yet

Here I float
face down and
all the wiser
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