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Jun 2019 · 163
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2019
Is neither harsh nor sweet
Neither boisterous nor calm
But rather
Just humbly in the middle of the contrary ends.
Jun 2019 · 110
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2019
I stargazed through the nights
Surrounded by the aura of my inhuman imagination
Wondering if you would ever leave my hand
And go away to never come back.
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2019
I smiled when you laughed
And teared when you sulked
Hoping to take a chance
Than let my fear earn victory over my love.
Apr 2019 · 452
Loved wrong..
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2019
What if
You wake up one day
And learn
That you loved wrong?
Apr 2019 · 128
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2019
Isn't it always true
That the one you love
Is far less concerned
Than the one who loves you
Nov 2018 · 141
She Smells Of Honey
Nathansha Dilip Nov 2018
Her laughs are too loud to be forgotten
And her sulks are too evident to be ignored
As she brushes your smile with her freshly painted nails
She will remind you of how much you need her in your solitude.
And this makes me wonder
If she smells of honey
For you see, her fragrance lingers
For more than usual.
If you ever loved her
Sep 2017 · 222
Nathansha Dilip Sep 2017
I hear the ghosts of forgotten memories  singing me rhymes
Ryhymes narrating temporary love
And phony  smiles.
I feel the breeze pulling me towards the graves of desire and honesty
Killed by inhuman deadlines and insatiable responsibilities.
I listen to the waves rant over all the pain which finds its way to the shore
The sorrow gazing towards infinity, helplessy in search of second chances and welcoming doors.
But hush! i hear a knock, a silent reminder from my routine
Calling me back to reality, devilishly, snatching away my moment of ephiphany
Aug 2017 · 221
You and Me
Nathansha Dilip Aug 2017
You and me
The one who thought we deserved the best
Have realized that
Perhaps the best is
Whats the best?
Jun 2017 · 514
The Poet's Love
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2017
You will be loved
Loved deeply, by a poet,
You will be narrated
In a verse
And be flattered by its complexity
You will fall for his honest rhyme
And drown in the melody of his singing words
You would want to curl in the meter
Of his thoughts
And hunt for his raw desires
You will be loved
Deeply, honestly and plainly,
By a poet.
Jun 2017 · 664
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2017
It's not that I have lost faith and trust over the world
It's just that
I have learnt to not show the depth of the same
It's just that
I have learnt to act neutral
Don't mistake me
For I am not pretending
I am just hiding the scares
Of my honest past.
Jun 2017 · 207
Nathansha Dilip Jun 2017
Deep down
I want to jump and dance the way I used to
But then I fear the joy to be caught
By the eyes of hollow love
And break me into infinite pieces
And leave me
May 2017 · 702
I was an Extrovert!
Nathansha Dilip May 2017
I was an extrovert
Before I unraveled the mystery behind the sugar dipped smiles
Before I analysed the well spoken lies;
Before i discovered the hypocrisy of a good gesture
Before I learnt about the phony luxuries pleasures;
Before I heard the tale of overrated love
Before I saw the laugh devilishly hiding the hurt;
Before I noticed the dishonesty of scared friendships
Before I pictured the fate of shallow relationships.
I was an extrovert!
For I believed in expressed words!
For I never felt
The calm peace experienced by an introvert.
May 2017 · 186
Nathansha Dilip May 2017
Prefer the dark
Over the phony lights!
May 2017 · 164
Nathansha Dilip May 2017
Prefer the dark
Over the phony lights!
May 2017 · 280
Dry Leaves
Nathansha Dilip May 2017
I like the dry leaves

I like the ruggedness they develop over time

I like the moisture ridden texture

I like their state

Which would never change!

I like the fact

That they look strong

And yet weekly how they fall for the direction of the breeze.

I like the dry leaves

And their unheard symphony!
May 2017 · 262
Nathansha Dilip May 2017
Take me to the carousels

And let me live my childhood once again

Let me spin around the joy

Let me laugh over it's bumps

Let me be happy once again
Apr 2017 · 497
On a lonely night
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2017
It's dark; in the middle of the night;

And I feel the silence teaching me lessons;

Reminding me of who i was and what I am;

And how with every passing dusk a part of me changed;

Of the things left and the people gone;

And some beautiful days playing in my head like a happy song;

Of how when I thought I couldn't survive but I did;

All the times I thought I was weak;

But here I am today; stronger and better;

Yet so much to learn;

I let the calm heal my broken heart;

Let the sorrow sink in the darkness;

Find myself in the middle of nothing; my eyes dry; I wonder why?

Tears betray but the breath turns heavy;

And I realize; I am growing.

So I pat myself; after this tiny accomplishment; if that's what they call it;

Ready to loose my present self to the past;

So patiently now; I lay my back straight over my messy cot;

And wait for the Rays; wait for the dawn.
Thoughts on a lonely night.
Apr 2017 · 236
Descendent from the dark
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2017
And! His gaps could be filled only by the emptiness which belonged to the coldest night,

The merciless night! Which healed his not so prominent scars;

The scars! That painted an ambiguous riddle on his soul,

The soul! A traveler a descendent from the dark
Dark Writing
Apr 2017 · 419
The Traveler
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2017
I asked him,
“So what is that you do?”
He took a deep breath and then smiled,
His lashes down, he whispered
“I listen to the music of the bushes
You see the mountains there?
I witness its conversation with the raging breeze,
I jot the rant of the restless sea,
I compose the rhythm rejoicing the love of the birds,
I script verses appreciating the tendrils’ curls,
I sing songs of empathy to the lonely castles,
I overhear the gossips of the old chapels.
I live beneath the night with my blanket being my solitude,
Waiting for the dawn eagerly to explore new latitudes”
He smirked and then continued, “It’s the memories that paint the dates on my calendar,
I am a lost wanderer a curious traveler”
The traveler explained
Apr 2017 · 252
P for past
Nathansha Dilip Apr 2017
I have curbed your ambitions with the
Images of mistakes
But I have also motivated you
By playing the happy tunes I could remember
Post your victory;
You have sometimes wanted to erase me
With your up comings
And sometimes you have pretended to do so
By burying me in your routine
But today; let me confess
That I am nothing but a slave!
A slave to your thoughts;
You have mistaken
For it’s not me influencing anything
But only the positivity and negativity within you
Forcing me to act

Words smiled admiring the soothing verse,
Rhythm grinned adoring the perfect notes,
The song smirked over their stupidity.

— The End —