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 Jan 2021 nabilah
 Jan 2021 nabilah
the moon is my friend
she cradled me in my past life
she handed me to my mother when it was time for a new one
she gave me fruit when i was younger
sometimes she leaves
but she always returns
not all of them are about stars and stuff i promis
 Jul 2020 nabilah
Ocean, ocean.
 Jul 2020 nabilah
I love your angry greens, your blues, your greys.
Your oceanic rarity.
Your swells.
Your tides.
Your storms out at sea.
Your horizon.
Your love to reflect the sun and the moon, to wear it against your waves.
Ocean; I adore you.
I miss the sound of the waves dancing...
 Jul 2020 nabilah
Raj Bhandari
 Jul 2020 nabilah
Raj Bhandari
 May 2020 nabilah
Infamous one
 May 2020 nabilah
Infamous one
Can't sleep
Not sure how to feel
Not sure what to think
Talking to an old friend
Both older now different lives
Single looking for true love
The other with a family full of love
One has family issues
Grew up with tough love
Both had a fling for one another
Never acted on those urges
The friction in the air
Never acted on those urges
One wants to make the move
The other expects it but a slate mate
Staring into one another's eyes
Talking about the past reminiscing
How they made one another feel
Catching up with new emotions
But something new could start up

A world to me


To the world it can be


At your own risk

Happiness  or none

To the world as it believes
 May 2020 nabilah
Infamous one
 May 2020 nabilah
Infamous one
Writing about changes
Sometimes they happen
Rolling with the punches
Taking steps one day at a time
Always giving never taking
Sometimes thoughts of giving up
Overwhelmed taken for granted
Would never give up on them
They are quick to pass sent away
Fighting to stay denying rejection
Never felt apart of the circle
Always out looking in wondering
Treated different being labeled
Not made to fill the box
Been outside looking in
Never meant to be inside
 May 2020 nabilah
Carlo C Gomez
God bless wartime for lovers
And the heart's desire
For all things ammunition

The seminal spark
Of randomology
Runs as an aqueduct
To the mothership
Fascination is found
In strangeness
And its sister's alien sigh

The fun of fear
Is teeth and biomechanics
And morbid curiosity
Of what lurks in the brazen alcove

Abducted on Sunday morning
Returned in time for kickoff
Dressed like a fugitive
With a hole in your head
Souvenir of the brave and the new

The body's warm jets
Begin to stir as a powder keg
Any kind of love you've had
Is always far sweeter as a memory

A memory, angel
Inspired by Madilyn Cook's poem with the same title.
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