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Madison Lee Dec 2018
If you would've stayed, imagine the world that could've been in the palm of our hands...
Clear, pristine, blue water with millions of particles that resemble sand; the greenest grasses on never-ending acres of land.
The prettiest, most jaw dropping sunrises; not even God could create firsthand.
Mountains--that skyrocket to the promise land,
And vast miles of swampy wetlands.
Hummingbirds that majestically keep darting by,
While mingling below the clouds with the butterflies;
All the while, the fields are growing wild rye.
What on earth could ever make you turn your back and say good-bye,
Knowing this is how we envisioned our world and how the rest of our days would unwind...
Madison Lee Dec 2018
Sweaty palms & nervously clenched teeth,
His piercing, welcoming blue eyes have me shaking the earth beneath my feet,
His soft & plump lips look appetizingly sweet.
How could a boy, who lights up an entire room full of people with just one purely genuine smile,
Fall for a girl; who can't even keep the flame within her burning longer than just a little while...
Was it the way her infectiously, intoxicating laugh made heads of strangers turn to admire,
Or potentially, did he notice the flame light up within; when all she could speak about was the hopes and dreams that her heart had hopelessly waited to tell to someone who would make her feel desired...
Madison Lee Jun 2016
Always remind me of where it all started,
Was it the way you touched me as I trembled?
Or how you went into this wholehearted?
I'll never forget the moment your soft, alluring lips passionately kissed me.
As we both felt the sparks that ignited between us, what more was there to do?
You worked your hands all over my body, making me feel like a masterpiece.
Your gentle, calming hands descended farther down my spine and past my protruding hips,
I can hear our breathing getting louder and heavier,
Our perpetual moans fill the empty room.
As I start to crave the way your body perfectly curved with mine, I could feel the warmth that penetrated off your body onto mine, but that also wasn't the only thing to penetrate me either.
All of this happened in the blink of an eye and before I knew that the chaos that started compiling in my mind,
I knew that I needed you to stay with me.
Madison Lee Mar 2016
“What is love?”*
A question that swirled around my brain for hours. 

Love was just a fancy word for meaning “getting ****** over”…

Until I met you.

When I would love, it was never sober.

I didn’t know when to put the bottle down, to say enough was enough…

Until I met you.

When my lover went down on me, 

My ******* were bluff…

Until I met you.

If someone ever asked about my lover,

I would freeze up and say, “ask him for yourself?”…

Until I met you.

Making love was always a chore,

So boring and unsatisfactory…

Until I met you.

How was I ever going to get out of this never ending loop-hole called “love”? 

It was the moment I caught your eyes gazing at me from across the seats of that smelly, old bus.
It was the moment when your words became my favorite song. 

It was the moment I couldn’t stop staring at how blue and beautiful your eyes were.

It was the moment I wanted to say “I love you”, but couldn’t…
Madison Lee Mar 2015
A crowded hallway,
Patiently waiting to see if you'll magically appear.
Searching for empty words to say,
Once again, I feel myself falling hopelessly.
That smile, have mercy.. That smile,
Those eyes.. Making the stars envious of the radiant glow they gave off.
Now, my mind is racing, wondering if you'll ever come back,
It's been 34 days since the last time I can remember seeing your face.
My heart feels like it's jumped out of my chest,
My eyes have began to fill with water.
My knees have become so weak,
My breath has become shallow..
I see you right in front of me,
And to this day, I can't remember if that was our final fairwell.
Madison Lee Dec 2014
It's 12:25 in the early morning,
The stars are majestically prancing around in the heavenly sky.
Never was there a gigantic, obese sign forewarning,
Attempting to grab my attention seeking eyes.
Screaming and shouting, "He's just a beautiful boy with a devil heart."
Would a young, innocent soul have the conscientious mind to spot such a simple flaw?
Maybe, if I wouldn't have been so knee deep in trying to restart,
I may not have ever let your rough, graceful hands unclip my bra.
It's now 12:39 and I'm slowly remembering how to forget you,
All I can slightly acknowledge is scratching your bare back and moaning your aesthetically crafted name.
Don't ask me to bid you adieu,
Because I only have my wondering heart to blame.
Madison Lee Nov 2014
Began falling apart,
with every word you failed to say.
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