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tianna Nov 2020
Here you go again hurting me once more
Here you go again breaking my heart and letting it shatter
Here you go again telling me I was your everything, but treating me as if I was nothing
It’s so ****** how you waste love  
It’s really ****** how you waste my time, energy and emotions
I can’t deal with this any longer
My heart cannot take any more of this Hurt

I hope you never come back
I hope you never reach out to me again
I don’t want you anymore
I don’t love you anymore
You’re done
You’re history
So this is goodbye
It’s too late for your apologies
I will not allow myself to be hurt by you again
*Waste Love by Machine Gun Kelly
tianna Nov 2020
I wish I could go back before I knew everything
I wish I could go back before I knew you would ruin me
I wish I could go back before I knew you were trouble
I wish I could go back to warn myself of the hurt you would cause me
And maybe I could have saved myself the heartbreak

I don’t hug the pillow anymore, it just sits on my empty chair
The smell of you has gone away and I do not miss it
I do not miss all of the pain, hurt and emotional damage you have caused me
I found someone better
Someone who could love me the way you never did
Someone who I could make new memories with
tianna Nov 2020
He's like a hurricane constantly pulling me in and out of the ocean
He tears me up like a thunderstorm not caring what he may damage
His mood is like lightening striking at my heart
His heart is like the eye of the storm intensifying the damage he will cause
My tears are the rain that flood of the streets of the cities
All that remains is me lying on the cold hard ground feeling empty and broken

I will no longer let him control me
I will no longer let him tear me up
I'm boarding up my windows and locking up my heart
I will not let this hurricane back into my life, unexpectedly coming and going whenever he wishes
I'm preparing myself for the storm
tianna Jul 2019
Dear Ocean Blue Eyed Rapper,

I would love you even if you weren't famous
I would love you even if you were invisible
I would love you even if you didn't have a dime to your name
People probably take advantage of you because they know your name and they know you give your heart
But I would never do that
You probably hear this **** everyday but they don't mean it like I do
They only want you for the outside, but i want you for the inside
All I am asking is for a chance to let me love you

I know i can be worth it....
tianna Jul 2019
An ocean blue eyed rapper looked into my eyes last night
He made me fall in love with him even more
They judge his appearance, with tattoos all over his body and his  "wild boy" exterior
He's soft on the inside if you take a closer look
He has his demons and insecurities too
He's only human like me and you
His voice is rough and deep, but can soothe me until I'm asleep
I can't help but be infatuated with him
People call me crazy, they say I'm obsessed
But they don't know he's saved me when I was in my darkest
He may never know my name or even remember my face
I know I am just another wide eyed girl or another fan to him
But to me he's everything and more
I will always remember the night an Ocean Blue Eyed Rapper looked into my eyes when he spoke his truth
tianna Mar 2019
cause baby we got bad blood
you know we used to be mad love
so take a look what you've done
cause baby now we got bad blood
now we got problems and i don't think we can solve them
you made a really deep cut
and baby now we got bad blood
a song and lyrics by Taylor Swift
tianna Nov 2018
come on, come on, don't leave me like this
i thought i had you figured out
something's gone terribly wrong, you're all i wanted
come on, come on, don't leave me like this
i thought i had you figured out
can't breathe whenever you're gone
can't turn back now, I'm haunted

- a song by Taylor Swift
sorry i haven't written in a long time
enjoy some Taylor Swift lyrics! <3
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