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marquida May 2014
allowing to
be pulled
flesh from bone
bone from soul
flesh being selfish
flesh being
eaten up
by God
marquida Apr 2014
Happiness is
dancing in the
and exhausting
in the chasing
of your dreams.
marquida Apr 2014
there is a time to scream
to break things
to smash and rip apart
there are days
where it's required
to grieve the lonely
child inside
the one who
never got attention
sometimes the dark corners
don’t get the attention they should
sometimes they collect the dust
and crumbs that others
leave behind
sometimes the sun cannot
give you a promise that it will return
sometimes there is enormous
terrifying uncertainty

so unravel
but know that there is a God
who is fully capable of putting
you back together
marquida Apr 2014
the truth is
i love you

and i am fully
aware of my
marquida Mar 2014
i dream to hope
and to hope is to believe
and to believe is to take
that next step, that next breath
to truly breathe without lungs
to truly see without eyes
to pray with unkissed lips
to pray to Love, to have love
to believe in love
to hope in love
to dream…
marquida Mar 2014
How can i show you that i love you?
Sunsets, water fountain views, playful bare feet
And giving you half my gum stick.

How can i show you that i mean it?
Long hugs, sly winks, my finger tracing your smile
And cherries in your stomach.
this is a poem i wrote when my husband and i first started dating. we've been married 11 years now!
marquida Mar 2014
if your purpose is vague
your voice is vague
your dreams are vague
your wanting is vague
your hopes...

if your giving is vague
your pity is vague
your sight is vague
your tears are vague
your love...

if your cry is vague
your memories are vague
your meaning is vague
your taking is vague
your breathing...

if your prayers are vague
your faith is vague
your understanding is vague
your asking is vague
your future is vague
then your God is vague too.
quotes about god...
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