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Margo Polo May 2014
The fire inside me has gone out.

Burn, ******.
Margo Polo May 2014
I unpacked all my bags then decided
staying is harder.
Margo Polo May 2014
I would love to own dogs with you one day.
Margo Polo May 2014
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art hot as **** and make me so tired.
Rough *** doth shake the bed frame as I lay
And watch you - you with passion I inspired.

Sometimes too hot for mine eyes to behold,
I must look away lest I be blinded.
The ring upon your finger shines as gold;
The gleam, my dear, I never have minded.

But thy eternal hotness soon shall fade,
And wilt thou see how mine has faded, too?
Death shall take out our hot ***** with *****
And shovel, dragging me to hell with you.

But I guess there are other parts of you I like;
Together, through the afterlife, we'll hike.
based roughly on Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII
Margo Polo May 2014
when i type i'm afraid that allmywordsruntogetherandthatyou
will never
what i'm trying to tell you
that you'll never understand the words
flying off the merry-go-round in my head
i feel as if i'm flying off the handlebars of my bike
and i'm in that moment of ecstacy where
i suddenly realize i will hit the ground
but until then i have this moment of freedom in the air
my biggest fear has always been that i will be misunderstood
that is why i take semester after semester
course after course
lecture after lecture
writing page after page of tiny spiny words
to make sure i learn every single way i can express myself
in case i forget one
because i do
and it terrifies me
  May 2014 Margo Polo
If this
Doesn't **** me
I'll make sure
I succeed
Margo Polo May 2014
Feet tapping down linoleum
        Hallway with doors on each side.
I glance quickly, fearfully to the left,
        Quick shiver down the spine.

Their gazes frozen but accusatory
        Lidded eyes and proud mouths
High or flat cheekbones
        Hazy hair and darkness surrounds.

The whites and peaches are unhealthy
        Shades of curdled cream.
Skin of the dead still moving
        Behind the painted screen.

See the hands of some.
        Keep walking, pray they don’t move
Lest they think you too proud
        The strength of will they’ll prove.

Longing for eternity,
        They thought they’d found the way
To lasting immortality
        But death could not be swayed.

Prisoners of their long-lost past,
        Forced witnesses to arrogance,
Trading fates with any soul
        If given half the chance.

Softest rustling of fashions before
        As they reach beyond their frames
To grab and grasp, rip, tear, shred –
        I wake and scream in pain.
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