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Do you see how blue the sky is, not a cloud around.
A beautiful day, with only the calming sounds.
The birds are chirping, the gently breeze flowing.
The sun is shining and the grass is growing.
Clouds slowly move across the expanse of blue.
Casting huge shadows, sometimes over you.
One rain drop falls down through the air.
You feel the water on you, slowly wetting your hair.
The clouds darken the suns rays as they disappear from sight.
And on top of that, it is slowly becoming night.
You get inside, where it is bright, dry, and warm.
All of a sudden that rain becomes a storm.
I pillar of wind heading your way.
You know you wouldn't survive, so there is no reason to stay.
You walk outside and begin to run.
Getting cold once again without the light of the sun.
You watch the pillar of wind rip through your home.
You are stuck outside in this wasteland, forced to just roam.
So you sink to the puddle forming beneath your feet.
So helpless, alone, and cold you begin to weep.
I actually am pretty happy with this poem. Hope everyone enjoys.
 Oct 2015 Margaret B
 Oct 2015 Margaret B
You always seem to find a way to make a sunny day into a cloudy one.
Keep digging your dagger, I promise it doesn't hurt at all.
I’ve always loved you
even had not i met you
love you i would still
not ever to forget you
desired i have to be real
to quench mine hearts fire
love for you always still
Do you know what i do when i have nothing left to write?
I pour out the horrors, pour out the fright.
I pour out my heart, I pour out my soul.
So that maybe i can let you know you are not alone, you are whole.
I write these words, these words from hell.
How i feel in my mind is just how i tell.
There is so much darkness, so black in my mind.
All of my nightmares, trust me, they are not kind.
They pin me down and force me to watch.
As everything I love is left to rot.
I sit here and wait, hoping to leave.
But sadly, I'm not done, there's no time to grieve.
I still have to try, there's still people who need me.
That is why I am stuck here, forced to be who they need me to be.
So i can not stop, i must keep going.
But i hope how broken I am inside isn't showing.
Because i will scream out.
But all that will be heard...
*Is silence.
Here's another poem, i don't think I'm writing anymore today. Hope everyone likes it.
I look up through my window at the night sky.
The blackness above me as i wonder why.
Not a star to be seen, only the moons pale light.
Here in my head, it is a starless night.
I look away and shut my eyes.
Darkness is there too, not much to my surprise.
That Pale light that keeps me going, grows smaller every day.
I will sit here and wait, wait til it fades away.
Because there is not a star in the sky to keep me here.
Only the dark, one of my childhood fears.
I know there is a morning, but I'm not willing to wait.
This sky is filled with darkness, it's filled with hate.
The lights of my room they are growing dim.
The way this ends for me, isn't good, it's grim.
I close my eyes as a tear rolls down my cheek.
I open my mouth as i try to speak.
No words come out, i have nothing left.
I tried my hardest, i really did try my best.
The tears keep coming, as i begin to weep.
I slowly stop crying, finally, it's time to sleep.
I know i like.. never upload. sorry.
As the tears run down my face.
I wonder, what is this hell, what is this place?
lost somewhere, never to be found.
Soon to be buried six feet under the ground.
No one left rescue me.
This emptiness is all i see.
I open my eyes, but still see no light.
All that is left is pain, and never ending night.
Please, take me from this hell I'm in.
Did i do this to my self, how much did i sin?
What could i do wrong to put me here.
Down with my nightmares, and every single fear.
So if you hear nothing from me, ever again.
I say to you, farewell my friend.
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