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Maggie Grace Apr 2016
and so the darkness bound me,
messing with my weaknesses.
it tortured me with thoughts,
ones I haven't dared speak of.
confused, lost, broken, and alone,
setting myself off with a single reminder.
my brain became a soulless place,
with thoughts I haven't dared speak of.
but along came something,
something I had never had nightmares about.
an unusual shining light, o! how it burned,
sizzling my skin at it’s hot, unpleasant, touch.
but the pain became soothing,
and the rays became pleasant.
looking up, what a sight it was,
seeing your face, so close, but so far!
I loved every passionate moment,
savoring every millimeter of you.
the darkness became uncomfortable,
despising the way you changed me.
it screeched and howled it’s way out,
as I allowed your tranquil light to shine in.
don’t get me wrong, I have missed the night,
but this new, beautiful experience changed me.
the burning fire of your love hasn't ceased,
and I would hope it never does.
because I can feel the way you look at me,
feel the arms wrapped around my waist.
feeling the smile I always seem to gaze at,
a smile that could make any dark place, *shine.
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