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Camron Elliott
Texas    God is first. I love bands!!!!!! I love messaging people, so come talk to me. I care for others, love others, and respect others. I ...
Got Guanxi
London - England    I won't explain what the poems mean so don't ask! You are the music while the music lasts. - if it's untitled, then it's unfinished. ...
USA    I am not a poet, just a girl who thrives on her loneliness.
north Carolina    Stupid us for thinking we were in love. Stupid me for thinking I was finally good enough..
A new day means distance is not a boundary but a disturbance in the balance of happiness.
Wardell Lee Freeman
Las Vegas    Anyone can write a poem, most people can be poets, but not everyone can paint a picture with words that vividly captures a moment of ...
france    i feel better with french i think but in international site i'll try in English ^^
U.S.A    I'm Human... I am a lonely 16 year old girl making her way through this world hopelessly... The-Devil-Is-Real A girl who understands who we are ...
Alucard Sepet Dalv
America    ~I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream~ Things that make me tick: ~Poetry ~Music ~Cooking ~Love ~Books ~Movies ~Art
23/Alive    ✝ (formerly WickedHope) • INSTAGRAM @WISTFULHOPE • Read, message, or whatever • My work is protected under copyright © • HP member since 8-24-14
I just want to discover the beauty, covert within the tiny cracks and crevices, of every breathing life
Los Angeles    The love of words and the drive to improve upon my use of them is what brings me here......
Malaysia    23, I'll make your day worth it if you allow me too! ps- Bare with my irrelevant ramblings and randomness :)
Turtle Eyes
Planet Earth    I am inspired by the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. She is the reason I write and the reason I live.
17/M/NC    just a page full of memories
30/F/VA    From my twenties-->thirties. “I have the choice of being constantly active and happy or introspectively passive and sad. Or I can go mad by ricocheting ...
Hannah Lorrelle
United States    The following poems are just letters arranged into words on a page until someone like you finds meaning in them.
-----    17F I'm doing a lot better
lost thoughts
canton    Never give up on somebody you love, no matter how far they are or how long it's been if you love them it won't matter!! ...
Josh Allen
forest city, nc    17 · north carolina · poet
I hope you like my poems and stories. Thank you for taking the time to read. I'm just an average girl who wants to tell ...
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