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 Dec 2014 Makala
 Dec 2014 Makala
ever heard of teen depression?
i'd say its more like obsession.

what kind of obsession, you say?
hurting oneself just to feel okay.

but that's just one of them,
look it up if you give a ****.

for i am sure you know of not,
because its something that can't be taught.
 Dec 2014 Makala
Without You
 Dec 2014 Makala
In darkness I found myself
Empty through the veins
To my finger tips
I became
Inseparable from the pain
The leeches that drew
The words from my flesh
My flesh from my bones
The bones I crack open
To feel alive
To feel ashamed
I'm on my knees and I no longer feel a thing
Feel you
I long for you
I cling to you
But you can't even hear me anymore
But until the earth has taken me
Until my rotting marrow
Seeps into the bellow of the lamb
I will call for you
For you
I love you so much and Hiding that is driving me insane
 Dec 2014 Makala
Something most depressed teenagers will understand:
Christmas is a reminder of what happiness is.
I hate everything about you
By three days grace
 Dec 2014 Makala
DC raw love
 Dec 2014 Makala
DC raw love
As I sit here and think about
What I should write

I think about love
I think about life

It's what's inside us
That makes us write

There could be a reason
Or it could a fight

No matter the reason
We continue to write

It's what we do best
It's part of our life
I'm about to have a panic attack
These four walls growing closer
I feel like I just woke up inside a casket
With the dirt being thrown on top
And I can't even scream

I can't breathe,
I can't ******* breathe!
Get me out of here!
I can't be here anymore!

I can't cough because my throat is clutching
I'm drowning on snot and tears
I can't push this away
I have no choice
But to suffer
Through this
 Dec 2014 Makala
 Dec 2014 Makala
I want to play you like a record,
trace every groove,
listen to all the secrets you tell me,
treasure you forever.
whoops i fell too hard... someone plz help me get back up? :3 lol love ya ;*

give me your hand (best song ever)
by the ready set
 Dec 2014 Makala
 Dec 2014 Makala
i've decided that
i could **** myself,
but instead, i'll find the words
that will do it for me.
 Dec 2014 Makala
Dusti Baker
I forgot the way it felt.
I forget the feeling I got, just touching the blade.
I forgot the way it makes a mark on my skin
How deep to push.
How the sting felt after
How great it felt just to feel the slightest bit of blood released
I forgot what it felt like to cut into my skin
I forgot the way the blood gushes to the surface
A year without made me forget
But a year without made me hate myself more
 Dec 2014 Makala
Yung Wifey
Do not make homes out of human beings
They will leave you feeling homesick and sad
Not because you deserve to feel that way
But because they can

Do not make homes out of human beings
You will lose yourself trying to find them

Do not make homes out of human beings
Because building homes means comfort
Comfort of which you do not have control over

Do not make homes out of human beings
Because building homes in people means that there is space for emptiness and mistakes

So please darling,

Do not make homes out of human beings
Because it will collapse
my take on Michelle K's poem
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