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Beeha Feb 2016
oh my oh my you poor little thing,
begging us for forgiveness and forget everything?
everyone knows that act of stealing is a crime.
and i quote you said "it is fine, medias do it all the time".
oh sorry to burst your bubbles,
but we're not letting it slide to rubble.
unlike you, we take pride in what we do,
stealing other peoples work is untrue.
giving excuses oh dear you can do better,
why not be in our shoes and taste our bitter.
after that you can brag about deadlines,
that is IF your life is still on the line.
Beeha Oct 2015
they say the dead receive more flowers,
compare to the ones that live,
because regret have more powers,
than gratitude that will ever give.

the life that bestowed upon me,
that God gave i took for granted,
partially it return to He,
too late for my prayer disenchanted.
Beeha Oct 2015
shall learn to accept,
all the things i love to do,
no longer be done,
thus this shall i bid farewell,
and seek of new adventure.

moment to forget,
the things have i learnt back then,
and must learn to love,
new wonders that lie beyond,
and strive to conquer future.
Beeha Aug 2015
ironic it seems,
for all the accusations,
thou bring upon us,
like a mirror it reflects,
true colours within thy self.

truth in thy proclaims,
clear as the starry night sky,
for what it shall seems,
thou not know of however,
twas gloom as the forest fog.
Beeha Aug 2015
something happen, something snap,
not sure what but there is a gap.
always on track, always so hasty,
making judgement little bit hazy.
extended feelings, extended thoughts,
assurance everything are on the dot.
heredity worth like the bravest knight,
unfortunate dwell deeper into the night.
Beeha Jun 2015
nothing last forever says you,
i deny not because it is true.

your love how i now see clear,
perhaps never true as they appear.

my existence was just temporary,
nothing more but a mere fantasy.
Beeha Apr 2015
i understand not,
about forgiveness concept,
ain't you think it's odd?
the offender should forgive,
but victim actually did?
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