Luis Gonzalez May 2014
Thinking before you speak is a big thing in life. Always think before you speak. If you don't, you may hurt the wrong person or people.

If you say something without thinking because you just want to snap back at someone real fast, you may hurt the person you love the most just by the ****** response you didn't think about.
Luis Gonzalez May 2014
Love is a crazy thing... A crazy feeling. It can be amazing at certain times yet horrible other times..

You may love someone so much that you would take a bullet for them, but in the end, that person would be the one pulling the trigger.

Love is something everybody wants to find, yet when they find their "true love," they still aren't happy. Even when they find the one thing they've been looking for...
Luis Gonzalez May 2014
You say you're gonna do things, but you do the opposite.
You promise me things, but never keep them.
You promise that you won't hurt me anymore, yet you do.

All these broken promises, all my hopes crushed...
Luis Gonzalez May 2014
You say you want to fix things, yet you don't try.
You say you want things to get better, but all you do is complain about how bad we are doing.
You say you love me, but do you really?
  May 2014 Luis Gonzalez
David Bojay
“Dear Lord, I know I am the angel you most regret.
Forgive me for my misunderstood intentions.
Forgive me for the drugs I take in just to be right beneath your feet.
Forgive me for the sins I commit without regretting them.
Forgive me if I’m not a strong enough soldier to defend your word when unbelievers bash on your greatness.
Forgive me.”

**stands up and wipes the dirt off his prickly knees

— The End —