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NAsna May 2015
I wanted to know even if you felt embarassed.
I wanted to know even if you lost composure.
I wanted to know you were sad.
But you muddled it out with anger and displacement.
And in the end I still want to know how you feel and let me tell you

Swallowing your pride rarely gives you indigestion
NAsna Apr 2015
I don't know if i can do this..                    what happened to you while you were gone...
                           tell me i make you cry
                                                                      tell me you get sad..
    you never get sad...                everything feels wrong now..
you never should have talked to me....
                                               I didn't notice her until you told me what she did
now I cant stop looking at her.                            checking if she has a black eye
                  thinking about what she did with you
                                                            it feels wrong so wrong
SO ******* WRONG
                                           you scared me
your withdrawal temperament                      selling your drugs that you use habitually        
doing the same thing as my dad when you see me crying and get angry
                   explosive rage like my dad                  letting me do drugs
digging a deeper hole
                                                I dont feel safe anymore
youre unpredictable now      
                                                                   i know who you are now
                                                             and im not sure I like it
if we have kids im afraid you will be my dad but worse
                                                                        youll be a raging drunk or addict
youll get me to be a raging drunk or addict
                                                 you wont protect me anymore
youll only protect me as much as I can protect you.

                                                              this is becoming toxic and i dont know what to do

no wonder she cheated on you for someone who beats her she had to still go down the reckless path you started her on

                                            you think youre cool, youre dangerous
id do everything you do if you asked and ruin my life for you, again

                                   youre the one that is crazy
you scare me, but i could never tell you that
                                  i had a dream i cut my hair but I didnt tell you because you would like it too much.
                                  i was no longer perfect but you are forming me into being perfect.
                    i will be soulless in the end and im not sure if im ready for that.
  Mar 2015 NAsna
Black and Blue
Why do I think everyone hates me?

my mind whispers: well, dear, you need to love yourself before you can think other people love you.
NAsna Mar 2015
Sorry I couldnt break your heart or make you care like she could.
NAsna Mar 2015
I keep planning conversations in my head
About pointless things or serious things
Ideas and planning
I always end up talking to you
I play a movie in my head of the scenes that might happen with every move I make
I think about what I would say and do if I got married to you " **** them all we did it!"
Or the conversation I would have if I met your dad and I was telling him what I liked to do "well that's a tough question I have a lot of angles to me"
Or the tougher conversations
Like having the conversation about us being official " this would be easier if we were ACTUALLY dating"
Most of these conversations never work out as planned, they never say the right things to set up my whole internal monologue and relinquish it all at once in a rehearsed flood.
I care about having the conversation that I think most about
"Can you stop being so mean?" "Can you stop lying to me?" "Tell me how you feel" "what do you want from me?" "Why do you even like me?" "Why did you come back into my life?" "Why can't you tell me how much you love me all the time?" "Why don't you ever tell me you're sorry?"
But I never get an answer in my head or in my life
It's just another one-sided conversation that I will have in my head
Tell me how you feel baby, I love you.
NAsna Mar 2015
seeing your pretty face and your stupid grin, stopping and stuttering
i regret it
being paired up with you on a scene for theater and spending too much time laughing over your silly jokes
i regret it
feeling giddy and childish over the attention and appreciation showed for me
i regret it
feeling happy and embarrassed as you flaunted me in front of your friends
i regret it
feeling young and naive while we got more experienced
i regret it
thinking that i wouldve been with you forever
i regret it
missing you when youre right next to me
i regret it
thinking you were so much cooler than me and i was weird and it was special that you liked me
i regret it
i dont regret getting back in touch with you, starting something new
i dont regret wanting to be with you
i dont regret loving you
i dont regret thinking about changing my future so i can be with you
i dont regret setting boundaries to where i dont get hurt as much everyday
i love you and i will always want to be with you
and i dont want to regret that so dont make me
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