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Liam Wales Jul 2015
Without you
I am nothing
Without you
What is my reason to live?
Without you
My ship shall sail
Without you
I will cross the path
Without you
I will turn to dust
Without you
It is still only you I lust

Love and lust is not enough
Even for my one true love
Liam Wales Jul 2015
One more step
You're closer to the edge
Take a step back
I'm begging you
Get away from that ledge

I never thought this would happen to you
The one I was friends with and the one I knew
You were my brother
How could I let this happen?

Now you're gone...
Liam Wales Jul 2015
It feels like you'll be gone forever
My mind tells me you'll never return
The beating heart in my chest tells me never
You say there is a lesson I need to learn

I love you
You already knew
There's no one else I want to kiss
From the bottom of my heart I promise

Soon you will come back into my life
When you're with me I'll give you a kiss and a hug
All I can think of is you being my wife
You mean more to me than anything, more than anything could

I love you so much
I desire to feel your touch
There's no one else I want to kiss
From the bottom of my wary I promise
Liam Wales Jul 2015
As a child I would willingly write, generally short stories about a superhero version of myself.  However, I was inspired to make the wrong choices.  Demons provided knowledge to sway me away from my first passions.  Reading and writing.  After meditating in my own thoughts, I have realised that what people see isn't the real me.  Is inspiration a negative feeling preventing people from displaying their true colours?

Reading and writing had only just commenced its slow arrival into my life.  This is one of my first pieces for at least a decade in which a teacher hasn't been glancing over my shoulder.  Anyway, let's get to the point.

Younger people normally see reading and writing as: lame, boring and uninteresting.  Even I hated it in school at some point in my life.  **** you literacy teacher.  Anyway, as writing is seen as "uncool" by other children.  I gave it up. Instead of writing, I tried adjusting to the trend of football.  I bought many packs of football stickers that I could.  It was the craze.  But it wasn't me.

When I think about it, there is a fine line between inspiration and trying to fit in.  Without reading between the lines, I just wanted to be seen as "cool" by my classmates.  But, you can see it as inspiration.  I was inspired by my classmates, I wanted to be like them.  Our brains have a system which gives us a desire to be popular.  Or maybe it's just me.

Inspiration will have had a negative affect on you at some point.  A basic, problematic topic is smokers.  Whoever becomes addicted to the cancer stick will give similar reasons for starting.  "It helps me cope with stress", the classic acronym "YOLO" and finally, "everybody else is doing it."  Once again we are faced with the fine line.  

Throughout life, the human race has faced demons.  Famous artist Van Gogh faced an alcoholic demon throughout his career.  Smokers use the phrase, "everybody else is doing it."  At first glance, it may seem that they're doing it to fit in with popular groups.  Or do they think it looks "cool".  Have other people inspired them to do it?

The basic life process of growing up has allowed me to see that I have lost my routes.  That what my friends and family see me as is not the real me.  I have one thing to say to you to conclude.  Find yourself, lose yourself, remember yourself, be yourself.
Liam Wales Jul 2015
Waves of light avoid your talents
Your synapses fail to process a belief in what you are here for
Paralysed, blind, oblivious to your potential

I'm crying to you
Push yourself out of that chair
I'm crying to you
Open your eyes
I'm crying to you
Realise what you can be

— The End —