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Kimmie Jul 2020
It happens again
Please tell me how will this end?
It's hard to pretend

When I get so high
Will suddenly gets left behind
But tell them I'm fine

Oh what did they do?
Am I that easy to fool
Tell me where's your soul

I got overwhelmed
I can't even function well
Oh how can I dwell?
Kimmie Jul 2020
Oh I love the way you laugh
those cute lil dimples you have
Those eyes that see through my soul
That tummy when you are too full

The way you get tired of long hot walks
and tell me you're okay when I asks
That never ending stories and humor
Oh what more can I ask for

With you I have no worries
We never ran out of batteries
In most things we connect
Indeed we are truly a match perfect

I wanna spend more time with you
if it's okay can you be my boo
But I will choose to be just a friend
Coz I don't want this relationship to end
Kimmie Apr 2020
They will leave you
Don't think that
They will stay forever
They will soon forget you
Coz they will meet new ones
Stop saying that
Friends will always be friends
Read it from bottom to top 😁
Kimmie Apr 2020
Someone I look up and love
Is now with God above
That's why I saw the sky
Is more beautiful, no lie
  Feb 2020 Kimmie
Francie Lynch
If you were a book,
I'd read you again.

If you were a ride,
I'd wait in line.

If you were my dream,
I'd never awaken.

If you were a star,
I'd never look down.

If you were a flower,
I'd never look up.

If you were mine,
I don't know what I'd do;
But I'd do it.
  Feb 2020 Kimmie
i was a pretty flower
in the sun

you came
and picked me
by the roots

i was so happy
and i gladly sat
in your windowsill
admiring the view

you stopped
watering me
and the clouds
covered the sun

but i didn't die
i grew spines
Kimmie Dec 2019
I've heard that name before
I've seen that face before
But this time it's different
It's hard to comprehend

I find you so interesting
Coz we're same in lot of things
But I only know you by your name and face
and by all the things my friend says

I wanna talk to you
And spend time with you
Do you like this or not
Do you prefer this or that

I wanna know you more
But there's someone you're looking for
Someone not me
That's why you didn't talk to me maybe
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