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Kimmie Mar 2018
Third Wheel is OKAY
Third Party is not OKAY
But Third Wheelin'
While Third Partyin'
Kimmie May 2018
They said you can never touch a star
That you can only watch it from afar
But how come that I got one
Who gives me shine and fun

It is amazing how lucky can I be
That I found whom I am meant to be
A supporter, friend and a lover
My prayers now have answer

I never imagined this happening
A happy poem is what I am writing
For someone who I fell in
That something I am feeling within
Kimmie Apr 2020
Someone I look up and love
Is now with God above
That's why I saw the sky
Is more beautiful, no lie
Kimmie Apr 2020
They will leave you
Don't think that
They will stay forever
They will soon forget you
Coz they will meet new ones
Stop saying that
Friends will always be friends
Read it from bottom to top 😁
Kimmie Apr 2018
My hand won't stop
So does my pen
My head so full
But still feel blank

I wanna write
But what's about
Mind so empty
Soul is floating

Don't really know how
How to start this
But hey here I am
Ending this poem
I wanna write but how?
Kimmie Oct 2017
Trapped in place full of confusion
Not sure of everything
Not sure what to do
Not sure if I will have to continue what I've started
Not sure if I still want the road I'm taking
Not sure if it's the love I deserve
Not sure if I want this achievement I'm receiving
But one thing I'm sure though
I want someone! someone to hear me and feel me deep in my thoughts
Say everything is okay and will be okay
That I am doing great so I should keep up.
I'm on my stage of life where I'm not sure of everything I am doing.
Kimmie Dec 2019
I've heard that name before
I've seen that face before
But this time it's different
It's hard to comprehend

I find you so interesting
Coz we're same in lot of things
But I only know you by your name and face
and by all the things my friend says

I wanna talk to you
And spend time with you
Do you like this or not
Do you prefer this or that

I wanna know you more
But there's someone you're looking for
Someone not me
That's why you didn't talk to me maybe
Kimmie Oct 2017
I am now drowning
Drowning from overthinking
I think I'm dying
I don't know what to do anymore.
Kimmie Oct 17
I'm drowning again
With some thoughts I'm not sure of
Someone please save me

Heart got too heavy
Feels like everything is wrong
Tell me what to do
Kimmie May 2018
Love is kind,
Love is patient
Is not true coz
Love will only hurt me
I will never find true love again,
I do not believe that
There will always be someone for me,
The reason is that
They will just lie and leave in the end,
Why still I love?

Sounds bad? Then read it from bottom.
Just tried reverse poetry. Hehe
Kimmie Oct 2017
I'm just a fool to stay
To stay with one like you
Like you who broke my heart
My heart which beats for you
Kimmie Jul 2020
It happens again
Please tell me how will this end?
It's hard to pretend

When I get so high
Will suddenly gets left behind
But tell them I'm fine

Oh what did they do?
Am I that easy to fool
Tell me where's your soul

I got overwhelmed
I can't even function well
Oh how can I dwell?
Kimmie Sep 21
It's has been a hell of a ride
Goes a lot of downshift
Love ones bid forever goodbyes
Had to let go of things I wanna stay
Accident that almost took my life
Never ending stress and anxieties
Nightmare after nightmares
Hell no you can't make it they said
But here I am...
Hell yeah still fighting
Kimmie Oct 2017
I was so stress and down
But no one even noticed
Coz I already mastered
The art of smiling and hiding

But when I saw this
This site of poets
My heart go pounding
My smile so genuine

My writing which is seen
by no one but only me
Is now ready
Ready to be free
Thankful I found this HelloPoetry
Hope I can write more
Kimmie Oct 2017
I was afraid    
   so effin bad
coz he came back
         and want me back

Should I believe
       or should I leave
coz I'm too tired
    of messing up.
Kimmie Oct 2017
Should I still wait
Or should I quit?
Is it worth it
Or it's too late?
Now hon tell me
You still love me?
If it's a No
Just let me go
What will I do?
Kimmie Jul 2020
Oh I love the way you laugh
those cute lil dimples you have
Those eyes that see through my soul
That tummy when you are too full

The way you get tired of long hot walks
and tell me you're okay when I asks
That never ending stories and humor
Oh what more can I ask for

With you I have no worries
We never ran out of batteries
In most things we connect
Indeed we are truly a match perfect

I wanna spend more time with you
if it's okay can you be my boo
But I will choose to be just a friend
Coz I don't want this relationship to end
Kimmie Oct 2017
Wish I was born earlier
Wish that we met before
And Wish that our love story
Was made before already
But he oppossed,
"Honee... Best time is now, not before not later"
And that's when I stopped wishing.
Kimmie Mar 15
I lost you for my selfishness
I did my best is what's on my mind
But I guess it's never enough
I should've been more patient

Now I'm trying to win you back
But I think it's already too late
Coz I hurt you already a lot
And you didn't reply back
If you love him. Stay.
Don't be selfish, everybody is dealing with their own sh*ts.
Kimmie Oct 2017
Distance is nothing
When already got something
That is worth keeping
Kimmie Oct 2017
My mind keeps on running circles
Little things keep hunting me in silence
One thing at a time I said
But all seems to keep talking
Little things
Become big things
Worries becomes depression
So I took a break
Asked above for help
To make my mind so calm
To worry not too much
Kimmie May 2019
Here I am again
Ringing in the ears
Food tastes nothing
Being sad for no reasons
Please someone
Someone can make it stop
Coz I'm starting to get crazy
Kimmie Jul 2020
I was thinking
Thinking what did I do wrong
Wrong that you suddenly left
Left without saying goodbye

And then I remember that
That I am more than enough
Enough not to beg you comeback
Comeback to leave again
Kimmie Feb 2018
I am so perfect
That's what you said
But one day I wake
You suddenly left

I want us to last long
Tell me what I did wrong
But you wanna be alone
So who am I to say No

Yes I did everything
To keep us working
Thought you did same thing
That's what I'm thinking

Now that you are gone
I guess now I am done
Done with one sided love
The love I always have
Kimmie May 2019
All have diffrent problems
All struggle everyday
You can't make other people be like you
To think and do things like you do
Mama told me that
To just accept and respect them
Leave them all to God
To not stress out myself
Kimmie Aug 2020
Last night got no sleep
Just rolling in my sheets
The mind is shouting
And heart is pounding
In my dreams you're always there
But why with that other girl
Scared of sleeping
As well as waking
Oh what will I do?
If in sleeping and waking
Scenario is just the same.
Kimmie Feb 2018
******* myself?
If I'm already dead inside.
Why I am afraid of disappointing them?
If I'm already useless person

How to be alive?
if you already wanna return thre life you borrowed from God.
How to make them proud?
If I'm already drowning down myself.
Kimmie May 2019
Have you felt it before?
The urge to just disapear
Be gone forever
Coz I did everyday
Run from all of this
Too tired of everything
Maybe they won't feel it
If I'm gone
Coz I have no worth
I'm just nothing
Kimmie Oct 2017
Yes I hate rain so bad
But one thing which I love
The rainbow after that
That's what makes me so glad.

Rainbow who shines above
The brightness to my dark
The color to my life
Oh I love you a lot.
Kimmie Mar 2018
I do know you are strong
How you hold on so long
But now you can go on
Be stronger to move on

Know it is hard at first
Yes you can cry and burst
But promise me today
That soon you'll be okay

He don't deserve your worth
Coz all he give is hurt
Friendship she don't deserve
Backstab is what she gave

I won't let them hurt you
I'll always protect you
Coz you are my sissie
I love you so dearly
No one can hurt my baby sister
Kimmie Mar 15
You were there when I need you
I gave up when you need me
One of my greatest regret.
I was so selfish. I'm sorry.
Kimmie Apr 2018
I saw something so bright
Who stands up at the crowd
I've never seen this once
Oh my he got my eyes

What star are you my dear
coz my smiles went up to ear
All the beauty and brightness
Inside and out you possess

Can I come closer?
Or at far I will just stare?
I've never been this scared
of something that is great.
Kimmie May 2019
There will always be someone
Someone who will never believe in you
Who will choose to side others
Than to see what is right
Kimmie Mar 14
Craving for the perfect one
Whose words match with his action
will give his full affection
The one who will never run

You keep on searching so hard
Looking for your perfect lad
Someone who'll not make you sad
and will shower you with love

I have to tell you something
For once, can you stop seeking?
And start to be that someone
One you call the "perfect one"
Be the perfect one while waiting for the perfect one.
Does it makes sense? Yes!
Kimmie Oct 2017
Love is patient, Love is kind
Yes you own same kind of love
I may not be with my dream man
Hey I am now with a great one
The lucky one is what I am
Coz I already found the one
lucky to have someone
Kimmie Oct 2017
You might adore her much
But don't get too attached
For one who fears the thorns
Can never get the rose
Kimmie Oct 2017
Time is all I want
Even if it's not a lot
A few is enough
No need for all your time, just a little will do
Kimmie May 2019
You'll get hurt and disappointed too much
That's what you get when you care too much
When you expected too much
Kimmie Jan 2020
You're the one who wronged me
I never heard a single sincere apology
And now you're making me the bad one?
Oh well what should I expect from a toxic liar
Kimmie Oct 2017
Love is all I want
But hate is all I get
What else can you take
From someone who is fake

All the favors I give
All the things I did
A friend I used to have
A strangers we become
Kimmie Apr 2019
I told myself
No matter how bad things get
Don't do something against God's will
No matter how bad a person treat you
Don't go down to their level
It doesn't define who you are but who they are

Life's too short
Spend it wisely my dear
Spread more love
Forgive and forget
Be positive
and always smile
Kimmie Mar 2018
You see me smiling
You watched me laughing
That's how I hid everything

I'm always sinking
I'm overthinking
And feel like I am dying

But I've got one thing
To keep me living
My friends and fam so loving
I'll be okay soon. Lucky to have fam and true friends
Kimmie Oct 2017
I like you
Is it because you're a pretty boy?
Is it because you got the profession I'm working on?
Is it because you also love cats and other things I want?
Is it because you are a good guy?
Is it because we got closer everyday we talk?
Or is it because I know I can never have as my man.
Coz you are not sure if you want someone like me or someone like you.
Kimmie Mar 2018
You are so close to God yet you do those things
That is not right and against what He wants.
Now I can't fathom how you did that
that horrible thing while we treat you right.
You've been a friend and a sister
Now I realize what you did there.
Kimmie Feb 2018
If I go where they don't want me to be
To the place I should never be
If I do things they don't want me to do
Things I might regret too
But what if that place and things will make me
Will make me so happy
Should I try to disappoint them
Or should I let it be
Let things where it should be
Even if I didn't even tried
Stucked with WHAT IFS
Don't know what to do with all of this
I wanna get slash on my wrist
Or hang myself or jump in skyscrapers
But they will get disappointed yes
But I wanna stop all this
And be on peace.
Kimmie Oct 2017
Mind had travelled far a lot
Still can't answer all her whys
Why would someone come like that
And feed her all kinds of lies.

— The End —