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 Jun 2015 kidd lo
Cath Williams
 Jun 2015 kidd lo
Cath Williams
We shared a few laughs,
That is true, but I don't know
What I feel for you.

If it's real or fake,
My mind or your deceiving,
How don't I know you?

My favourite smile,
Belongs to you, it's loving
And loyal at once.

I feel safe with you,
But are those just lies of you?
You must be deeper.

You won't let me say,
It's impossible to tell,
How do I love you?
 Jun 2015 kidd lo
 Jun 2015 kidd lo
Sometimes I think out break up was more dramatic than the fall of the Berlin wall.
 Jun 2015 kidd lo
Lost boy
 Jun 2015 kidd lo
I wanted to save
  piece by piece of
  his broken bones.
sooner, I've had realized

He was a lost boy.
   I tried to find him
   but I, got lost, too.
 Jun 2015 kidd lo
Florence Maude
There's this boy
Of course there is
This is how it starts

Your eyes meet
Something changes in his face
Something you just can't place
Something special and new

You say you don't deserve him
When you do more than you know

So dear Marie
Listen to me when I say
You  deserve to be happy
In every way
For my dear friend Marie
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