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kidd lo Jul 2015
We're just forgotten names under the people you may know tab,

and now I know,

that it was never enough.

now you know,

I was never enough.
now we know.
  Jun 2015 kidd lo
Austin Heath
We make peace with closed fists
and sing poems to our children
about war;

“It only happens once in a while.”

We spray everything red and cry in our hands,
we crush our heads in our palms.
Shake tambourines for spare change,
and claw at untuned unfinished guitars.

Daylight fades, and darkness stumbles in,
alcohol on its breath,
a mix only sailors and their widows drink.
It’s harassing someone for a **** or a fight,
because it longs to be touched and feel it,
to shed some ****** fluid
and feel drained of the pressure
of desperation.
  Jun 2015 kidd lo
I can play cards.

La sexualidad sera discutida por las mentes mas brillantes del mundo haber que hacen…
E E Cummings, Cortazar, Borges, Jung
kidd lo Jun 2015
I really only want to taste you,

And only you,

I want your lips against mine,

I want your hands around my neck,

You're making my head a mess,

And all I want is a ******* taste of your lips,

And the feel of your skin against my fingertips,

Your smile isn't the most tempting thing about you.
Can't I just have that?
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