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3.2k · Jun 2015
kidd lo Jun 2015
I really only want to taste you,

And only you,

I want your lips against mine,

I want your hands around my neck,

You're making my head a mess,

And all I want is a ******* taste of your lips,

And the feel of your skin against my fingertips,

Your smile isn't the most tempting thing about you.
Can't I just have that?
517 · Jun 2015
kidd lo Jun 2015
we were nothing but,
you were loud and tall,
I was small and quiet.

you made me little,
with your kisses,
with your lies.

you were loud and tall,
just hidden all along,
you once told me,
"when someone tells me they have a crush on me, I'll develop feelings for,"

I told you two months before we dated,
we stayed together for nine months,
nine months where you pretended to be little,
I pretended to be tall,

we were nothing but.
it's been months and it still hurts.

Kidd xo
386 · Jul 2015
people you may know
kidd lo Jul 2015
We're just forgotten names under the people you may know tab,

and now I know,

that it was never enough.

now you know,

I was never enough.
now we know.
316 · Jun 2015
kidd lo Jun 2015
Love me with the lights on.
We were always hidden away.

— The End —