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Serenity Marine
louisiana    Just a place to put my writings. ~ F a d i n g in and o u t of time ~ "Creativity is in ...
Christina Jackson
27/F/FL, USA    Every unspoken word is another regret, And every dreamt moment, she will never forget That is why words haunt her soul, because words can say ...
17/Trans Male/he/him    It's Ash, your nerdy book-loving poet next door who has no clue what’s happening 90% of the time. you can find me at these: tumblr ...
Lindsey Graham
Colten White
Nebraska    philocalist
Sarah Richards
F/Oregon    I am an aquarius; I have a bachelors degree in Painting and Drawing. I am a ballet dancer, a poet, a Francophone, a lover of ...
Ella Catherine
USA    I needed somewhere to put my writing

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