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kenny Jun 2013
The wise words taken for granted
The writing on the walls of the establishment. 

Just when we want to burn it all down
Just when we realize how small we are

The sky opens up
My third eye's opening
Channeling the guardian angel
In the little black dress

A silver sliver 
among the dazzling dynamo of night
waning away illumination
before the dark moon of my mind

I hear her voice resonating whispers
On the astral plane of miscarried ghosts
I'm humming along


To help build me out of the cavities
Behind the teeth
I'm faking a smile in front of

Trying to climb without the rope
Out of the prison pit of existence

To salvage the creations
I snuffed out
Before the light became them
Abortions of ideas
Survived by hope and curiosity

Where will this take me now?
I feel a hand grab mine

Her wisdom crawls up my spine
Setting my mind on fire
I am the new illumination

Reality in focus
Turning my impossibles
Into I'mpossibilities
This is the final phase of the triple Goddess series based on Robert Grave's The White Goddess. Check out ")" "O"
kenny Jun 2013
Ms. Maiden of enchantment
Curving my mind
Chasing me down like entrapment

In an attempt to come full circle

Ms. Maiden,
I'm innocent
But I'm guilty of wanting punishment
So string me up and serve
Lashes of liberation

A life sentence

Ms. Maiden,
With a chastity on my imagination
Let me reach to the sky
I'll surrender to the light you reflect
To My Moon Mistress
kenny Jun 2016
you seemed to amplify
the monster inside me

Vivid dreams
of a devil in the driver seat,
Mirrored back
in my rearview, 
on the way to a crime scene
in my mind
where one of our sisters
was given plastic surgery
via shotgun

A crackling static
tears through my brain
and takes me
to the Ideation of 
self-inflicted martyrdom

Idealized death
put on a pedestal

in a basement
Of the subconscious

Until I wake up and suffer

Had enough of
the akathisia

I can’t ******* sit still
I feel like 
my heart is going to beat out of me
When I’m already light-headed
I see me from outside me

this blood is poisoned 
with restless impulses

I can’t fight
or flight
just freeze 
and pulsate
an S.O.S.
to the telegraph 
at the other 
end of this the 
other half of
This sorry soul:

*If pain is a void 
I can feel you missing 
Where the doctor
Filled the hole
With prescriptions.

Will you hold me,
hold me,
until these looping
distress calls
**** Abilify
kenny Jun 2015
It's that feeling of temptation fleeting
forgetting the ego
and ******* it all to chance
or pretending like you know how it's all going to happen

Fate faked until it's made
we were new gods predicting the way things would happen
hurt or held against our helping hands
to our beating ****** hearts
for the next person we hand it off to
to feel the warmth in everything

What are we passing on
and where do we hold ourselves back from
the call to adventure?

We so carelessly led ourselves into reality

Realler than any other *******
What it's like to hold on

I feel like I got a song in me
Fortunate for you
I'm in tune to your stupid ******* heart

Let me in like a vampire invite

I am anorexia

I am the human condition
the **** of man
the status quo
the holy union
of Ms. America
and Capitalism

I will hold no peace
at the ritual
we all worked so hard
to hold together

But you can love without money
blood is running money

My hands are tied around this next new little thing
She's just another missing peace
To the eternal void
of the allegory of my emptiness

mood swinging to I hate you
don't ever ******* leave

I left the best part out
She's the goddess of the myth
she's the one I long for ever more from
the depths of my dreams

She can fix everything

I just have to think about her
This ideal muse
mending my broken heart
Does she know how bad this loneliness hurts?

I just want to feel something
I want to resonate

and work myself to completion
Controlling everything from the eternal electricity

Deep beneath
buried away
giving my very best

But where do I go?
I want to be everywhere
Alive in anything that is or isn't
nailed down

When I feel so stuck.
kenny Mar 2019
Sensory overload beyond the household
of management manipulations
and electromagnetic chemistry
clipped the soul
tethered from the body

Wandering ghosts
starving 9-5 consumption
in cubicles, the constraints of creativity
until it draws all that energy
away from the body electric
numb and out of touch

This what the machine wants from us
for the metaphors they never got in a logical world
where they did away from the imagination

Paint it as you see it
not as you feel it
until the truth vanished completely
Absorbed in a high anxiety setting
perpetuating paranoia to consume the minds eye
and we all just wanna
we just can’t

Without the worry
or the threat of survival
and the capitol nuisance
Blood is running money
Blood is running money
It’s so so tragically funny
I cut myself open center stage
****** up but it be like that
All the time
It seems I’m waiting for the prime
That evades me before it’s too late
I wrote this  to evade a panic attack at work. I was so overwhelmed the only thing I could do is break away and write
kenny Nov 2013
This is your life
leave a fire behind
to pass the torch
via karma transfusion
telepathically energizing
racing minds
You've got your whole life ahead of you
To come back around
minute by minute
racing you down
left in the inertia
of figuring yourself out
chase the light
it's passing through the floorboards
where your heart lays sealed
secluded until one day…
she came
slipping up the skirt
of synchronicity
somewhere in time
You had her
And You lost her again
Until you stared down fine art
To bring her back
At the right place
at the right time
of minds' projection
kenny Jul 2013
Slipping Off

The naked truth

Somewhere in
My Mind

One Night
On Ceremony


Missing Metaphor

Mind if I muse you?
And ravish your filthy immortal soul
I'll make you out to be a saint
I'll make you feel like a Goddess

Don't you wanna
Slip Off
kenny May 2013
Too good to be truth
Stranger than fiction 
Goddess manifestation
We found each other somewhere between moon phases
kenny Jan 12
Assisted-living facilities have a contract with the funeral homes the same way cops have buddies that are tow truck drivers.

If all live$$$ matter we’re all ****** and overpopulated; survival of the most self-indulgent. Targeted ads like mantras /affirmations, your revolution was only televised to sell shoes to put your soul to the track and run the gamut-******* our selves Into the same race

selling yourself out to the mental ******* of vibrating along to humming the power the machine gaslit us with

Profiteering In a pandemic is nothing new-
you’re overthinking and underselling it for your best interest In a self important cult of self  like a politician.

Smash the reacts and dopamine yourself up in little deaths of Inspiration; whispering bittersweet heart attacks, like ASMR Cardiac arrest-handcuffed and tied with a flag to the bed we made with our sugar daddy, Uncle Sam
kenny Oct 2013
Everyone's out to outdo everyone else
It's not even about meaning anymore
It's how much press coverage it gets
Whoever makes them "just" statistics
And there's no fantasy draft yet

Somewhere alone in his dark place
Ruminating his environment
Some bedwetting, fire starting, animal abuser
Infantilized by the hatred of maternal instincts
Projected on him

He likes the way she hurts him
She abuses open hand words
or clenched up fists of embarrassment
It just fuels his homicidal tendencies
His brains on the hate frequency
And he's ready to let the fantasy slip

Home is where the heartless host
absence of emotional ghosts
the boy
the man
the monster

He lost it

Family annihilator,
He took his mother out last
So she'd suffer through
the destruction of the *******
Her wasted wish
of abortion'd children.

This was before the news vans
This was before the first respondents
This was before the society outlash

Back to him alone in a dark place
In the depths of his disturbing mind
He sets higher stakes.
I wrote most of this after taking a course in Criminal Psychology. I noticed a pattern with a lot of serial killers having troubled relationships with their mothers. It's an interesting dynamic, the absence of nurturing is very detrimental to the development of the psyche in children. This is probably my darkest work, I thought no better time than to post it than before Halloween.
kenny Aug 2016
Ambien Angel,
a halo

to replace
the self-doubt
that you’ve got
wrapped around
your mind

We only talk
at times

I felt your
distress call
through the ether

in a cloud
of smoke, whiskey
and Bukowski

There you were,
The American Spirit
staring back
from the
Apothic abyss
of red wine
and controlled

We all
get so alone sometimes
in Tales of Ordinary Madness

It just makes sense
to let another
Siren sing our ships
towards crimson catastrophe

But you handle
the collisions
so gracefully

Looking so
God-**** divine
like your name

This time
Go lightly
and let’s float
kenny Sep 2013
I feel the comfortable writhing
deep in my ***** again
I'm not sorry

This is your fault
You touched me first

Somewhere in the back of my mind
You're feeling me out

Little Miss,
will be prosecuted.

...I'll put my hands
around your neck
so softly

And choke out
the words caught
in your throat

To the tip of my tongue
     all the right things flow

To the flesh of your lips
     and all in between

resonating your body
     with stories


little deaths end
where they begin


Just how you like
To be


This is me unleashing
some twisted fantasy
to my little therapist
enabling me

To self-medicate with star-stuff
To "Show me what you're made of"
To "Baby, bend over and take it."

Show me the fourth wall
Let's break it.
kenny May 2013
I feel your name


My insides 

kenny May 2014
Hello Eve
I Am Man
let me MANipulate you
make you MINE

          Helen of Troy,
          I held you on high
          Put the *****
          on a pedestal

divinity in the
mirror, mirror
of my own reflection

          Set my soul on fire
          ***-trafficked my heart
          into art
kenny Mar 2014
I keep seeing her
in post-traumatic

back to back
she's bound
in a little
black dress

Tearing through
the mayhem
the mosh pit
of my mind

To save me

Some punk princess
in another castle
the *******

Because she's
'O so liberated

...So I decorated her
With a pearl necklace

Old patriarchal
die hard


from my
sacral chakra



Hiding my ****** deviation behind prose and metaphors since 1985
kenny Jun 2013
To: The one 
that can draw 
The grandiosity
Out of me

To write you a ******* song

Come on,
kenny Sep 2015
Miss Maiden,
might I compare you
to that of the guillotine?

Your swooping grace
like the edge of a
silvery blade
that curves and cuts
across the sky
so seductively
slitting the throat
of the horizon

From the threshold of dreams
to bring a new day
Where we feed our blood
back into the monotonous machine
then drop to our knees
and pray for divine intervention

My femme fatale,
Could you take me out of this?
to break cycle
before you wax away

You know you were always
my favorite deity,

Artemis, Artemis
You’re the art I miss
from a life unfulfilled
From the music

The untold story
agonizing inside
writhing for a release

So I’m drawing you down
to this plane
to hunt me as a willing sacrifice.

Won’t you drop from the sky
and come blow my mind?

Just leave my head in the basket.
kenny Apr 2013
Breathe in and blow everything out of proportion
A manic artist versus the abstract composition

In my head this all looked as perfect as imagination
The challenge was blending the line between fantasy and reality
To get the inner critic to agree
Worlds colliding this one into the next

Dreams manifested to the forefront 
of a visionary gone inside himself

Throwing myself against the walls of my mind 
In an attempt to think outside the box.
Even in our own heads they've got us on lockdown
With the chemical constraints constricting creativity 
These straightjackets of sorts
Straightening out the free-thinkers

A fourth wall broken

Pretentions are high
On the artist's plane
Subjectively selling ourselves out to a shallow medium
The mainstream
The water we should be walking on
We're drown out in.
Drawn into the background of the bigger picture.
kenny Aug 2015
Enemies arise
when I close my eyes
and push them back

Until I see constellations
sparks coming off of stars
of divinity vs. temptation

A transcendence I romanticize
until I got lost trying to focus
back on the truth

As Mara's army fires arrows
I feel the presence.

breathe in, breath out
sat nam

The Earth bears witness,
arrows explode
into blooming flowers

I am still here
I am
kenny Oct 2013
Somewhere in the astral remains
I found myself here
A past so far away
and a future defined by today

You & I
In sync
to the stutter step
of nervous heartbeats

Slow dancing
between earthquakes

Just as my
state of mind
came crashin'

You brought me to this plane
through the hole in sky
where they told us
it was the limit

You held my hand
as we pieced
the stars
back together
kenny Oct 2013
I just wanna know
what you taste like
We already know
that the distance
pulls right
where we
would write
About each other
At the sake of breaking ambiguity
somewhere between the lines
A missing bond ever reached
like the unknown we teased
To the depths of our souls
Speaking telepathy
I lost my ******* mind
Before you found me
Looking for an opening
Anywhere you
want me
to be
To cleanse your palate
in between the
salt/sweat/sugar sheets
Twisted in my tongue
tied to
your bed
Every time
I bite into your words
Again and again.
kenny Sep 2013
I'm only grounded
When I'm *******

Or inflicting pain
on myself

This very moment
I'm racing my thoughts

to the borderline
of personality

In a self-destruction

I don't play fair
when all I want to do

is feel more alive

than *******
or cutting ever did for you

underneath our skin
below the chemicals
and passed the atoms

we're vibrations,
a madness resonating for two
I usually like to make less woe is me poems, but I needed a release.
kenny Nov 2013
Pt. I
Longing for your
lonely fingertips
The taste of the space
between your breaths
Slow sips of
Your coffee lips
My Hands
Your Hips
The bite
The kiss
The marks you left
When I couldn't get you
Out of my neck
Screaming off my chest
In the morning
We meant it harder
Than tying our tongues
in goodbye
a new record
inside your cheek
where you hide the most
beautiful smile alive
before you dressed it up
to oppress the rest
in an ironic twist  
of fate

Pt. II*

I was listening
To *The Decline

On the way home
From your place

I felt like I might do the same

But the moon was rising
and it looked like the Death Star
In the distance

There's still hope somewhere
it reminded me
To keep finding what I'm looking for

The country roads always
look more beautiful
When Mother Nature
Is dying
To fall apart

Don't we all wanna fall apart
so gracefully?
kenny Jul 2013
Even if you don't mean it
Fake it like your o face
Make it like you're going out of style

I don't know why I keep going after the broken ones.
Maybe there's a piece they're missing
like I could be the peace of mind musing
her fragile little soul.

Maybe I just want to fix something.
The perfectionist architect,
The anti-hero archetype
Letting my emotions build castles
instead of locking me in some dungeon ruminating.

Or maybe I'm the ******* broken one
Dead set on divinity
Dormant in between rock bottom and a dark place

I'm ok, I swear to a god complex

Praying for some princess clad in punk rock armory.
Tearing through the motions
in the mosh pit of reality.
All for her crown of fire and flowers,

Come on, save me,
The light of my life
Fire of my *****

Lusting into supernovas
To encompass this astral plane
Where we're waging a war against reality
With the fantasy I'm wanting to pull out

a 4th wall broken
The path is in there waiting to perpetuate the pain as guidance
kenny Jan 2017
“Burgundy sounds more poetic than maroon"
You say, in regards to your sweater.
-I’m just romanticizing it
tossed across
my room

As you push me
to the mattress
and strip me down
passed skin and bones

back to the vibrations
of my soul

Humming along,
are you a muse
or a siren song?

Are you rebirth
or are you just
another little death
of inspiration?

So fleeting.

I hate when you’re leaving,
because it leaves me longing
and pathetic

I’m just the impulsive one
with the most grandiose dreams.
Like I wanna give you everything
from the depths of these
****** up fantasies
With the most
golden ******* intentions

Because you’re the reason for
the ringing in my ear
when I feel like I’m onto something

The reason that the season
starts to make me feel better

So can you just stay
while I romanticize
your sweater?
kenny May 2013
Burned out Star Child
Born again a black hole
Injected arms race for ignorance
Fighting back bliss
Track marks the X
Centered on infinite loops of addiction

It's time to battle them off
self-ignite illumination
run out the gamut
right into the gauntlet

A new discipline
in dreams of being dominated
Where the moon maps out the sky
Submission to a new archetype.
kenny Jul 2013
Meet me under the Full Moon 
It's B.Y.O.S. tonight
Bring your own sacrifice

Little death wishes for prosperity
Moments in illuminated lunacy
Destroying fine art with our minds

The new vibration

Lightning striking my soul twice
I caught the spark in your eye
All week I've felt you crawling up my spine 
Exploding from chakra to chakra
Until we're both screaming out
of the communication vortex
Trying to transcend hands at throats

in unison

She says she likes it much better this way
It brings a full circle to her "o" face

Now every time I see her face
I see images of war
Post traumatic flashes of 
Me and the girl next door 
Slow dancing to the beat
Of the disasters she saw in her dreams
Setting each other on fire
Seizures of self-fulfilling prophecies
Manifesting the coincidences of serendipities

Wishes on repeat
skipping the akashic records
The right place the right time at 11:11

Meet me under the full moon tonight
I'll make your aura hurt like heaven
We'll wash our hands clean together
A day late I know. I wrote most of this under the moonlight last night. I sampled a few of my previous works in this, among other references. see if you can find em ;)
kenny May 2013
We teased out the beginning
But we never
To a conclusion

We were all talk
No action
Just each other's
Reality distractions

At the crossroads
of a shared fantasy
We talked about
Meeting halfway
E  A  C  H
O   T   H   E   R
A    P    A    R    T
kenny Jan 12
Checking on old friends
in a new year-
means getting met
by a Memorial Page

Remembering you
Getting blazed listening to Cudi
While we turnt up and laughed as our friends ****** in the next room;

In the pursuit of happiness, you were gone and forgotten too soon
Until social media flashes memories
Between things it tries to sell me
And this legacy-
It’s that time of the year I’d be at ISU
getting high with the Man on the Moon

Living with a too late afterthought -
I should have been there for you
Life gets in the way
What can I say
I’m always on my own *******
I’m sorry if I ever let you down
I just wish I didn’t find out you were dead through Facebook;

It’s a new year of isolation
Check on your ******* friends;
kenny Apr 2013
Before my bloodstream's polluted with manufactured motivation..
Attention called to minute details
by the list making apparatus
Leaving out open-minded ideals
Cleaned up in linear format

On a soapbox now
Defining my own propaganda
Without trying to sell everyone something
The things that keep us pacified 
The things that the doctor prescribes 
To keep the sheep in line
The condensed herd
Share a lost mind 
Conform follows dysfunction
Following the leader off the cliff of innocence
After we found ourselves thinking about the end again. 
The illusion of security.

A veil of hazed fog lifts to reveal the ugliness we hide 
The aftermath of nights spent beating out hearts into the foreground as Mr. Hyde

Behind a plagiarized euphoric state
This smiles meant to fake
At least until I get what I want...
Then I'm tripping over clothes en route to escape
The anti-walk of shame.
kenny Jun 2013
We were galaxies

Bursting in
                   Bursting out

Time after
Time again

     History was repeating
   but we were missing out

I'm sorry I corrupted your immortal soul

Sometimes you gotta
     tease the darkness out darling

Sometimes when you're standing
     On the edge of everything
     You're free to feel anything

It's only when we're standing
     At the edge of death,
     We've never felt more alive

Like the rush that we get
     When we destroy fine art
     With our minds

We never felt more avant-garde
     Until we set the world on fire
     Just to watch it burn
Then watch the beauty blossom back from the ashes
kenny Oct 2013
My heart starts
panic attacking
my nervous system
OCD stacking
count them
one through ten
then back again

To this very moment
where it's coming together

I haven't eaten anything
All **** day
is what it feels like

I swear I'm not this weak

My racing thoughts are just paused on
******* falling apart
at any moment

until I'm present

of my fingers
all my

Until we are one
counted back again
kenny Jan 12
You keep telling them how woke you are
     Wish you’d smash the snooze

9 minute rhetoric In reverie-
Peel your eyes from the screen
Enlightened by one source
it’s their truth written
And you say you won’t wear a mask;
kenny Mar 2014
Deleted from existence
     You ended all your processes

The blue screen of death
     depression's screen saver
Old notebook stufffff. Been busy working on my punk rock opera.
kenny Jan 2016
I'm never violent
unless it's self-inflicted

**** me for feeling
worthy of a heartbeat

Pulsating my wrists
to my fists
and unleash vibrations
in a caustic manner

I will destroy the dreams
of Darling Wreckless,
wracking my brain
like Mara's
malicious temptations

A self-destructive
in a God-mode
kenny Aug 2013
My life is a mess
     no metaphor
     could ever mean

My ambition
is being held captive

in the chaos of logic

Like a game of chess
    I need to be saved
    by the Queen

Wishful thinking
For divine intervention

*The Goddess of this machine
kenny Jun 2013
Win* at this place
     if you show your battle scars

Derail yourself here
     on the wrong side of the track marks

You ******* limbs
     limping out
     snorted up
     the finish line

Bumped the rest your night
     off a Batman Begins DVD in a dingy basement
Running up the stairs at night
     crying out into the stars that you'll fight
     until the world is yours

The neighborhood is wishing it had deaf ears for this to fall on

But you'll fall out in due time
     your recipe for reality
     leaves a chemical aftertaste
For morning regrets
     that last
          a lifetime

I've seen the best minds of my generation get wasted
     Burnt into routine at the good side of 25

Stop dying out,
There's a fire that rises within us all
Stop snuffing it out,
Your time will come
To drag yourself out of the prison pit of existence
Don't you believe it?
Don't you feel it?
*deshi basara
From a seedy bar in my hometown.
kenny Aug 2013
To the girl with the pin-up dreams
     I hope you found
          what you were looking for

Your James Dean
     I tried my best to be

I'm sorry,
     But I'm a different
     brand Americana

Our Country's soul
lost in translating

and Ten things I hated
     about your favorite movie.
     Even though it's secretly my fav.

I was always too weird for you
like an American ******
self-entitled indigo child

Feed me a stray soul
and I'll spark a new revolution
be the poster child for madness

This is what you told me was best for me
     To exploit my demons
     to muse the madness
     To *rebel with or without a cause
kenny Jun 2014

The truth is always
tearing at your *******

But are you willingly lifting your hips up?
kenny Mar 2013
Last night I was on the fence
feeling out my own relative survival
caught somewhere between
rock bottom and a dark place

At the end of my own wits
I thought I could paint my presence
With a flick of the wrist
Opened up to reveal the divine DNA
pouring itself out into a bath tub
that gave it away

Caught red-handed in a pool of blood
Drowning evidence
Slipping down the drains
back into the ocean of the time I killed

Doctor, Doctor
turn me into a machine
I want to feel intentionless
So the madness manifests
into some ironic twist
of self-directed fate

With a flick of the wrist
Writhing this steering mechanism
into dissonance
With my Dark Passenger
Check the rearview
The past relapses
kenny Aug 2013
She was lust in the morning
     and art by nightfall

Where she whispered halfway moans
     of words plagiarized off the wall

Some little death
Some ironic typography
     reinventing fate
Manifesting her destiny
     In stutters
     she gaits

A soul tripped out of the dream machinery

Now she's standing naked
     In the door way

The threshold
     between mundane and fantasy

Staring down the destiny
     about me

She asks me
     to follow her bliss

Her skin heralds the call
     to my hands around her neck

She wants to be
     So Gracefully

Pulling her hair back
     in and out of dreams
kenny Jan 2014
Hypnotize them
like Ginsberg
with his sync'd breaths
beating out a generation
of some self-entited
royalty mentality
Status Update
to your favorite enemy
and the lack thereof
action taken
It's what do you stand for
and how do you want
to express it?
How do you want to feel?
And who do you want it to impact?
Because honestly
you're only in your head
when you think about obstacles
it's your reality
take a breath
and let out your own howl
to take it back
from the *******
trying to monopolize
on your own madness
kenny Nov 2016
They cut up her face
  to spite who knows

She cut off some weight
      despite her bones

She’s starved for grace
    like a hungry ghost

Is it passion?
Is it addiction?

The way she suffers
so stranger than fiction

She’s waning away
    just like the moon

It’s just the way
    the darkness consumes

As they edit away
    her absolute heart of the poem

Cut, copy paste
they stretched the truth
across her face

Now the disenchanted runway
calls her name


Baby girl,
you were born
with it

Now you’ve
just been

The transformation
was a success
but you’re still sentient!

"Being like everybody
is like being nobody
and this body
is no body
it’s a plastic prison"

built on a template
of all your false expectations

We need to
    cut off the face
    of the status quo

There’s nothing divine
    left to her ratio

Knock the Goddess
    from the pedestal
Inspired by a Twilight Zone Episode. Named after an art exhibit of the same name. This is part 3 of Movement about the Goddess archetype for a rock opera I'm writing.
kenny Jul 2013
I'm off my meds and I need you.

My mind is somewhere between 
rock bottom and a dark place

My mind is my frenemy
that I'm sleeping alone with. 

I feel more alone again.

If my minds the weapon
How to I get my heart 
to back me up?
Because it feels like 
it's set to self-destruction

my own prophecy self-fulfilled

How come I'll never get the time back I killed?

What about the madness 
and how it manifests 
into impulses?

Like biting my ******* lip.

and how come I imagine everyone naked still?

I feel like biting my tongue off
when it's freudian slipping
But I need that for the times
when these fantasies start projecting

I'm sorry for all those times I swore in your office.
I'm the impatient patient still locked in the waiting room of my mind

Waiting for the ******* world to fall in my lap. 

I'm ready to dig myself out of this bed I made in falling for tired cliches when all I needed was a metaphor.
kenny Jun 2013
******* tear me apart
Feel me explode
As you tear into my skin

With cross-hairs set on my heart
Teasing out a sharp-shot
Instead you pull the pin

Throwing yourself on me
My saving grace
As we become sacred shrapnel
Fused together in the same fire that we were born in
kenny Apr 2016
Would you be my
final girl
like Sidney Prescott?

I wanna
hear you scream

Folie à deux
do you feel
the madness too,
now that
the mask
of sanity
is slipping?

the sins
of man
like an overcoat
for the
in the final act

we need to go
a little mad
Or find ourselves
serving the
in a
tempter tantrum
for a
love loss in a
coup de grâce

Before you deliver
that final blow
and render me back
kenny Jul 2015
My friend the bartender
sports short shorts
and I can’t keep my eyes
off her little
purple ******* peeking along
the cusp of her waist
where olive skin and fabric contact

I can’t maintain eye contact
without fashioning her as an object
this little angel dancing
on the head of a pin

Or ******* symbol
when I let the id win

3 beers and 2 shots in
don’t blame me

I just turned 30
and this little goddess
just told me
my tab doesn’t exist

She just walked around the bar
wrapped her arms around me
and whispered in my ear
“Happy Birthday, kid"
Channeling a bit of Bukowski on my birthday.
kenny Jun 2013
Maybe I'm the peace missing
      From your broken mind
Where your demons dominate your compulsions
     Wait 'til you get a load of mine
let them play.
kenny May 2014
You used to have me
wrapped around your finger

I stayed up on the phone
listening to you
about how He should
treat you better

How it hurt
when you told me
you loved me
like a brother

When we woke up
in the same bed
with distance between
the sheets

by my own fantasies

I followed you
around like a puppy
and you told me
when to come

Until He wrapped a ring
around your finger
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