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Katie Perner Sep 2016
Today I didn't see the sun at all, it's radiance was completely shut out by the gloomy gray clouds. I noticed a flock of black birds flying north today, reminding me that spring is near. Just behind them there was a single black bird- the weaker one. It reminded me of how many different worlds there are, how I'm not the only one dying.
Katie Perner May 2016
Be ****, but don't be a ****. Be modest, but don't be a *****. Be smart, but not smarter than your man. Be independent, but not so much that you never need a man. Be everything and nothing at all- all at once and at any given time.
•k.p. 5.30.16•
thoughts today
  Feb 2016 Katie Perner
Pearson Bolt
some 4.5 billion years ago
the atoms that would coalesce
to ***** your evanescent features
detoured to a lonely chunk of
rock aimlessly adrift in the
Milky Way Galaxy

you stayed alive by pure instinct
fight or flight
you could not thrive
yet you survived nature's
attempts to crush you in
her fearsome jaws

bits of you walked with dinosaurs
bone fragments ground to dust and
reformed over eons of evolution until
you stood upright and found a
tongue to describe planet Earth

remnants of those dead languages
live on to this very day
they inhabit the ink stains i
leave upon this yellowed page
while folk tunes croon over
my shoulder and Dallas Green
breathes a city in multicolor

a map of the universe is etched
across your face and i cannot escape
the smirk that spread with mirth
nor erase the memory of eyes
like interstellar space staring
back at me
for 4 minutes that felt
simultaneously like a lifetime
and the space between
2 fractions of a millisecond

you came from the Big Bang
when the cells that would form
our bodies were forged in the
cores of supernovas exploding
across the cosmos and we've
been on a collision course ever since
an unstoppable force and
an immovable object
for matter
can neither be created
nor destroyed
Katie Perner Feb 2016
Empty inside
No feelings to show
Detached from reality
Just the way it goes.
Something that I find myself relating to even now, almost two years later.
Katie Perner Feb 2016
Do you ever feel so small
Feel like you're nothing
About to fall
Caving in, giving it your all?
I stopped writing for about three years, then I decided to make it a New Years resolution to write again, no matter what it was- just write it down. This is the first thing I wrote after three years of nothing.
  Jan 2016 Katie Perner
m i a
she was a brown-skinned girl,
who was trapped in this world
struggiling with idenity,
she couldn't find any serenity,
she no longer had dignity,
she was too white to be black,
as people told her and laughed,
she was too black to be white,
this was now turning into a
between her and idenity,
she needed to find serenity
so finally in may, she woke
up one day and decided to be
g r e y.

G r e y [gray]
of a color intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or an overcast sky.

but little did she know
that her skin colour
didn't define her
for it was the art in
her heart that did.
this is about a girl struggling with race and idenity, not realising that the colour of your skin doesnt define you. Youre perfect just the way you are. <3
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