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 Jul 2015 KAT COLE
Joel Frye
To truly know the fire,
one must taste the ashes.
A response to Helen's "Unrestrained".
 Jul 2015 KAT COLE
Yung Wifey
 May 2015 KAT COLE
 May 2015 KAT COLE
I want to live
I want to die.

I want to scream
I want to cry.

I want to bleed
I want to heal.

I want to be numb
I want to feel.
She's got an old soul
older than mountains,
older than the rain
It was probably there when
the rivers first ran free
Older than the earth, maybe
One of the first stars
The brightest supernova
she dove in, beautifully, on a crystal comet
straight out of the Universe

she's seemed like starlight ever since
 Mar 2015 KAT COLE
Laura Klawiter
You found me
Lying in a corner
Cold and crying
Love etched into my arms

You found me
Broken on the inside
Scared and Scarred
My soul corrupted

You found me
At rock bottom
Waiting for that bus to come
Even though I knew
Whenever I  got close
The bus will drive away

You found me
And you were the glove
I inflated
To float out of rock bottom
And back to my home
Back to the normality
I craved

I found you
When you had stopped caring
For those around you
When you had given up

I found you
When you had become indifferent
Stoic and cold
Hate written on your forehead
With invisible ink that everyone could see

You shouldn’t have cared
When you saw me lying in that alley
You should have kept on walking
Because you shouldn’t have cared
But something in my sick smile
Of pain and sadness
Made your heart twitch
And caused you to walk into
The darkness
And pull me towards the light
You shouldn’t have cared
When you saw the scars
On my arms and chest
But something about me, you said
Made you human again

You found me
Crying in an alley
Ready to die
I found you
Walking around on the street
In a husk of who you used to be
Yet through
Our mutual sadness
Happiness grew
 Mar 2015 KAT COLE
Joshua Poetry
Its that sudden tightening in my chest.

It's all the things I long to let go of,
but still can't forget.

It's when my face becomes hot and beating red.

It's my palms as they begin to sweat.

 Mar 2015 KAT COLE
Amber DeLaRosa
I want to wake, up
But not beneath this heavy burden
That has bled my bones
So tired and uncertain

But the birds
Build nests above my head
And they hold their homes together
I mimic their every thread
But I, unravel altogether
I need rest

I need a safe place for me to lay my head

I want to sink
Somewhere deep beneath the ocean
But I'll reach, my arms tall
Like the trees that tower over me
With their roots so planted deep
In the waters that are drowning
Let me sleep

Let me be
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