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Kaitlyn Keller Apr 2016
Your smile could light up a room
like the sun lights up the sky.
You left this world so suddenly no one
was ready to say goodbye.
When I heard you had died my heart grew cold.
It has been three months since you left this world behind,
but it feels like you were with me just yesterday.
Some days I still don't believe you really died.
I don't  want to accept the fact that you are really gone.
I want to hear your voice one more time.
I want to walk beside you on the vibrant green turf
of the football field just talking about our futures.
If I could just hug you one last time
and feel the warmth radiating off your body.
To hear your soothing voice telling me
everything will be okay than maybe
I could except the fact that you are gone.
As for now I don't want to believe that it is true.
A part of me died alongside you that night,
that part of me I will never be able to get back.
Not a day will go by that I don't think of you
and wish I could hold you in my arms.
I cant watch a football game without thinking
AJ could have done that better.
I just want to say a formal goodbye to you.
You were taken from this world way to soon
and I don't understand why.
People may say I'm holding to much onto the past
but how could I leave the only memories of my best friend behind.
Even though you died young you still left behind a legacy.
You will be remembered for many years to come not only in
the hearts of family and friends but also in the actions
of many young football players that will get a chance
to pursue their dreams because of the scholarship
you have given them a chance to get.
Even though you may be gone in the flesh in my
heart is your memory and there you will always be.
I wrote this about my good friend AJ who passed away on January 17th 2016.  He was only 20 years old. He graduated Canby high school and was a football player at Portland State University.
Kaitlyn Keller Dec 2015
Why do I have to feel this way. I look at my reflection in the mirror, but I don't see me. The eyes of the person I see are dark, and cold . My eyes were blue and full of love . I have changed not for the better, but for the worse. This isn't who I want to be, but sadly this is who I am. No matter how much I try to deny it I know what I have become. Look into my eyes can you not see that monster that ran from you wasn't really me. I'm sorry that I have changed the way that I have , but there is no turning back . I am a monster. I am a criminal. This is me .
Kaitlyn Keller Apr 2015
For all the free people who still protest. Say thank you to those who protect you, because you are protected by the best. You're voice is loud and strong, but who is fighting for you? They are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. Wearing the boots and carrying the guns. They are the ones leaving all they own, to make sure our future is carved in stone. They are the ones who fight and die. They may not be able to save the world but atleast they try. So when you rally your group to complain, remember in order for our freedom flag to fly. Wars must be fought, and young people must die. They went to fight for the ones they love, and they are fighting for you to. So please  stop yelling, put down your signs, and pray for those behind enemy lines. When the conflict is over, and all is well. Be thankful our soldiers chose to go through hell.
I wrote this about five years ago.
Kaitlyn Keller Mar 2015
You hurt me everytime im with you. Everyday I stay is another day in in Hell, but I will never pack my bags and leave you. People will ask about the brusies, but I will never turn you  in. No matter what you need me to do, I will never turn away. No matter how bad you hurt me. I will always be by your side. Don't you worry about me leaving. I will always be here with you.
This is about my love hate relationship with the gang I'm affiliated with.
Kaitlyn Keller Mar 2015
Sometimes in the world there are people like me. Who grow up wrong and never learn to be free. We are either locked up or just nowhere to be found. We want to be free, but we don't know how. Only if someone would help us, someone would care. Someone would talk to us and tell us their there. Then maybe just maybe we can start to take the steps to the freedom we always dreamed of.
this is a poem I wrote when I was ten years old. It's not my best but it's okay.

— The End —