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No body lives forever.
Everyone lives and dies.
It's not about how long or why.
It's about the best of times.
I love you guys .
Love is blind
Love is seeing
Love is meaningless
Love is sacred
Love is risk
Love is safe
Love is punishment
Love is reward
Love is complicated
Love is simple
Love is painful
Love is satisfying
Love is quick
Love is journey
Love is hate
Love is love
Love is it what you make it
Love has no definition
Love is up for interpretation but it's truly what you make it or the path you take to find it or how it finds you. Stay positive.
  Jun 2016 Kaitlyn A Warnken
Living isn't really living if you have nothing to live for.
Living without living for something is just surviving.
Breathing air and getting nutrients don't feed who you are.
Only what you are.
And in my life I live for many things.
Some I still live for.
Others fade away in time.
But in the end its all life.
And one day we won't have it anymore.
So maybe for a few months at least we could all stop just surviving.
And try to start living.
If you take your life
I take mine too,
Because a life here on earth
isn't worth losing you.
I do not authorise the duplications of my writings, photography, or personal information.
Second hand love:
Have I come this far to be a second hand love?
where is my rose, where is my morning smile,
where is my goodnight kiss and
where is my number one guy.
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