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Kagey Sage Jan 2022
How would the best user friendly widget
stay that way in a profit incentive?
The physical products escape this unseen
(They're thrown out en masse when profit fades)
The internet’s been a slow fade
from revolutionary layouts and interaction
to the bare minimum you could tolerate
Today most are conditioned not to bat an eye
when the most trusted news sites
are filled with grotesquely glitching ads
that look worse than a 2001 spam virus
Selling sweatshirts with an incomprehensible
automated message containing your last name
Then it switches to threats
the FBI wants to take over my machine

Such is life today
Ignoring what we think we can
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
Passing through mid-century
these jazz oneironauts reached Apollonian heights
while society drifted into Dionysian drunkenness
the merchants caught on too soon
The most beautiful parts of humanity
enamored to serve the ugliest:
The merchant class, the bourgeoisie
Buddha’s undeserving in charge
If only in past centuries
those noble princesses embraced
even more lowly patronages
all this potential today could be staved off
Saved from the drive to be commodified
People stopped buying jazz as it reached its height
No more smiles to appease the whites
Jazz for the few
the noble, the individual in the know

Until this too becomes the simulacrum
The Ornette Coleman on the bookshelf
to signify your snootiness
your refinement from wealth
Aging Dads in thousand dollar sweaters
kicking out their 22 year old kids
for being ****** addled hipsters
meanwhile Bird on Verve is nodding out
and Dad’s girlfriend pops a Percocet
to deal with all the stress
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
And you could have given us this and that
but you were in the throes of some spaz attack
Spiral down
your spires of blame
and you end up forgetting all the innocent
in their small existence
Influenced by their helixes
and culture, the temperature
and more than we can comprehend
Forgive yourself first and
you'll stop being such a ******* to all the rest
The malaise of the mayonnaise
Lives of all these unwitting folks
Kagey Sage Jan 2022
I went from the "overabundance of life"
to a knight of resignation
I'm back to cheap pilsners
local Genny's, union made
Sometimes a Three Heads
when I want to get plowed
I'm trying to refine myself
into a thoughtless identity
so I may taste life again,
make music again
Did I do it all in
the grapes of my youth?
I guess I need a sommelier
for my heart cause
all I taste is river rock
where there was once native berries
and rare spices
Sparks that charmed
The dazzle of a demon
that could cover their faults
You dine or drink with thee
and you're stuck in the Fae
I'm the only one that hasn't stayed
Kagey Sage Dec 2021
How else can I choose to view this moment?
It doesn't matter what I pick
so long as I can stall
the wheels of that accidental
over rationale

Yes, I'll learn better next time
That's all I need from this
evolutionary process, so
I'll let the wheel slow

breathe and enjoy the superfluous
us madmen threw around
I'll newly choose
what's good and bad about it
No, good and evil

Let that divine multiplicity shine
Kagey Sage Nov 2021
I gotta salvage my siding
Homie's helping me fix a
hole in the wall
and it's grueling

Other goals today:
Make a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich
don't eat meat on weekdays but I
cheated on Thursday when
at dinner with my parents
Ma won't take no for an answer
for to-go plates
I'm thankful I
still don't live with my folks

I wish I lived alone here
in my home by the river
but gotta save wishes for Xmas
where I'm sure to eat too much
give and receive pointless ****
Every year ma and pop say it'll be
more low key
Imma just gonna get
down in the bass clef my **** self
How vegan is OE?
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