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justaspeck May 2017
If love were a place,
it would be somewhere I'd never been.
It would be like a destination
at the end of a very long road;
I'd be able to see it the whole
but I'd just never quite arrive.
justaspeck May 2015
It's the way that even though I know you are so poisonous;
so harmful
you leer me in every time

and the worst part is
is that I don't even put up a fight
justaspeck Mar 2015
what if life is just a dream;
good or bad
& when we die, it's just us waking up
in a paradise we have longed for since we fell asleep

& suicide isn't an escape from reality,
but merely forcing yourself to wake up from a nightmare
justaspeck Mar 2015
I want to become your drug
I want you to be addicted to me,
to the feeling I give you

I want you to crave me as soon as I've left
I want you to need me,
need me to be flowing through your veins at all times

I want you to feel how I do about you
justaspeck Mar 2015
"pass it"

I take a drag, filling my lungs with the sweet Mary- Jane

I see your eyes, your hair, your freckles as if you are a newly discovered galaxy

I watch your slow, drugged movements in awe

your fingers creating poetry on the tips of mine as you remove the blunt

I see your face dopily moving towards mine

my mind is rushing in the lustful kind of way

"do you feel it?" you ask

and if by feel it you mean the unavoidable attraction I have to you, to your body- the craving I have towards your lips

"it just hit me real hard..."
justaspeck Mar 2015
wake me up with your sweet touch
eyes glistening in the crack of sunlight sneaking in between the curtains
watching us in envy of what we have
dancing on your skin as if to take part
in the love we share
justaspeck Feb 2015
i crave the taste of your tongue on my sweat-speckled skin
as you run your hands down my body
and pull me in harder

grabbing. moaning. scratching.

I have no control
over what my body is doing
when it's under your spell
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