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JK Cabresos Jan 26
You can postpone
anything but not love,
you can escape
the shadows
of your solitude
but not love,
and I chose
to love you,
I will love you
as long as I can.
JK Cabresos Jan 16
The remnants of the past
can be so addictive
like the moon waning the tides,
and you, alone in dark places
with painful stories,
longing to walk by the shore,
to feel the warm embrace
of the breeze,
to listen the melancholic sound
of the waves
until the dawning light
appears before your eyes,
to find an escape
for you are caught in the middle
of the ocean and the sky.
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Jan 15
Every moment
when I unclip your bra,
the wrong
feels wonderfully right,
the beautiful scenery
of your body,
perfectly naked,
turned me to start
kissing and sniffing
your neck.
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Jan 12
You pulled me closer
to your life,
you showed me the world
of wha­t it looks like
with you in my arms,
you made me believed
for a m­oment
that I could only see
in my dreams,
then all of a sudden
yo­u asked for space.
Copyright © 2019
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
You were once mine.
You were a dream
then a reality,
now just a memory.
I accept it,
even it's hard to do,
but I have to let you go,
to let you see the world
without me,
to let me find
the missing piece of this heart,
that I thought I found in you
Copyright © 2018
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
is the antagonist
of our story,
but it makes me
miss you even more
than usual,
it hurts so bad
that I would
travel the universe
just to see you.
Copyright © 2018
JK Cabresos Dec 2018
Love is not blind,
but he who did not see your worth.
Copyright © 2018
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