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Pardon me please
And bravely spit out
That you do not want me

Since the very day I cast eyes on you
You became my ***** friend

You played king
And I played slave
You played head
And I played feet

My ***** doors
were forever opened to you
But your ignorant heart
Bothered not walk into

You played spotlight
And I played brink
You played sun
When the world was awake
And played moon
When the world fell asleep
You played stars
And I played telescope

Pardon me please
Why did you leave me for Mrs.Prejudice?
Why did you leave me for Mr.Pride?

Pardon me please
And do not pass over beside me
When you file for divorce.
Bethink! my ***** friend
and hike back into my heart.
Forever yours
its just so painful,
so hard for me to comprehend,
that my very soul
would ever fit into the ciphering world,
to speak its lingua franca .

even the abc's seem like
like the burning sensations of a finger
roasting on burning coals.

the Ice never seems to melt under blazing heat
on which it lies

oh how my soul longs to dematerialize
yet i do wish i do not.

Failure is the only bell
that tolls my eardrums

oh why did my green soul  
pluck up the guts

the guts to enter the Kingdom of Geniuses?
i desire an army seal
to set me free
to be free as a citizen
inside this kingdom
The Kingdom of Geniuses
my only dream now
to return to the old preppy garments
and the boisterous hallway
with friendly arms around my neck
breathing the whiff of boisterous energy
to feel the brotherly armor
the friendly kiss of peace
the high jinks

the giggling and throaty beats of husky youths
the naive maturity of free thinkers
filled with optimistic hopes...

Save! what a misery it is to know
to know that my juvenile years
can never return to me.
I pity thyself.
Oh how  quickly time fades!
but memos forever remain.

I was only an invisible spectator.

— The End —