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Jamie Jul 2019
I feel like I am just,
Waiting for time to pass

I don't want anything,
I don't need anything

I want this period of time,
To just finish and be done

I'm not angry
Or empty nor sad

Yet it's hard to answer,
'Are you alright?'

Because I don't know how I feel

Guess I will go to the gym
Drink till I'm blind

And hope that soon
That I won't be so bland
Jamie Jul 2019
Will everything please stop,
Can I have one thing a time,
I'm still, busy with me...

...I can't catch my breath...

I'm trying to be better,
But I just can't breathe,
The world is running away with my air.

...And I can't catch up...
Jamie May 2019
I should have said
But how do I say
I wish I loved you
But I don't


This is the worst
Thing I could have done
Not being honest
And hiding how I feel


Now I am
What I don't
Want to be


But time is
What I thought
Was best
How I was wrong
Prelonging thoughts is the worst thing I have done.

Be honest. Time won't help.

I thought in time I would fall for you.
Jamie Mar 2019
One day when,
My time has come,
With my last breath,
I hope,
The memory of this current moment,
Will be my final one.
Jamie Dec 2018
When others meet you,
All they see is kindness,
And they tell me,
You have yourself a keeper.

I don't understand what it is,
But I just,
Feel myself,
Not falling any deeper.

I have this self pressure,
That I should be saying,
I love you.
But it would only be a lie.

For now I will hold back,
As only time will tell...
I do feel like I should say it,
But I WILL not tell a lie.
Is there a specific amount of time when you are dating someone, for an 'I love you' should appear?
Jamie Aug 2018
After goodbyes were said and done.
Even in silence,
It's possible to still be in love.
Jamie May 2018
I want that midnight stroll,
Under that moonlit sky,
With both of us blushing,
Not being able to hold a gaze.

With smiles from ear to ear,
Biting our lips so lightly,
Slowing our walking pace,
Until we stop.

With my hand on your waist,
Moving my hand towards your cheek,
Brushing that one hair from your face,
Being nervous before our embrace
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