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Samantha Apr 2021
**** HIM
this is how i feel
Samantha Mar 2021
he's the one that i want
he's the one that i need
he makes me happy
he makes me mad
he makes me cry
he makes me laugh
he clears my mind
he opens my heart
through rain or shine
it's him that i love
forever my love
it's him
he's the one
i love you austin
Samantha Mar 2021
waking up next to you
the way you look at me
i can always tell when you're lying
and you know when i'm about to cry
we can finish each other's sentence
but you still surprise me every day
you know how to make me laugh
i know what you want
we want the same thing
true love
Samantha Mar 2021
Shattering the space around me
The air itself is static
My skin-too fragile
Scratch me, drag the nails through and through
Cut to the bone-
Your words
My skin-too fragile
You don't understand
The dagger in my ear
Infecting my mind with poison
Poison running through my veins-
I stop still
Don't move-
I can't take it
The words you haven't said
Pushing me over the edge
I live on a narrow line of sanity
Even the slightest stir in the atmosphere
Even the slightest touch
I lose my grip, falling off the edge of reality
I lose myself
please spread awareness. bpd is a serious mental disorder.
Samantha Mar 2021
My head's becoming weary
Of all these heavy words
To put them down on paper
Is far too much work
My mind spins round in riddles
Dizzy and absurd
Shall I rest my head
Or shall I let it turn
Samantha Sep 2020
Why do you
Describe it so gently
As if it were glass
And could shatter
Love is not broken
So easily
In fact
It's not broken at all
It's larger than life
And not easy to lose
Always in sight
And has nothing to prove
Quite confident,
It is!
But easily fooled...
Some find this amusing
And make it a ruse
oh Let's bully this love
Make it believe that we care!
oh How we will laugh
When it's shocked and impaired!
Embarrassed and abashed
At the lies and the dare
But love is alive
And some think it's quite folly
That it's stupid and jolly
That through all in all
It continues about
Patient and welcome
And kind
And no doubts
And with time it matures
It never hates on the haters
And lets truth be spoken
Love lives in your heart .

And your heart is what's broken.
Love is Strong
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