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cocoon inside your blanket
let the waves come take you
nightmares spill out of your head on the pillow
with a single deep breath
the day is dead
Silence is silver
I don’t want any tea with my sugar
I am at one with apples
Christmas eve
Just hanging at the gallows
Another flawless execution
To remedy the peeling sutures
Here, it's a flat scene.
Christmas lights twinkle
Sparkling within the reflection of the tv screen
Evergreen, oh, evergreen.
Your plastic limbs
hardly deserve any given esteem
Because you’re an imposter
One of the biggest fakes
That I have ever seen.
Our relationship is prehistoric
Like an old woman sitting at a beauty parlor
But my sheets are still warm
Sleep lost like a dead king
And now i'm miserable, dear
Since there's nowhere to run
Because I just got here.
So if you do love me
Show, don't tell.
And I’ll do my best to quiet
The prison riot
Going on inside your wishing well
We’re two of a kind
a sheep and spider
Sharing a sleeping bag
Los Angeles whispers lies in my ears while I’m sleeping
A glittered invitation of deprivation
And I awaken in darkness only to feel woe
A moment of silence for the troubled Hollywood starlet
who weeps alone after the show
Trying to scrape up words to say these days
Is like scrubbing blood out of the concrete
These palm trees no longer impress, only lulling me to sleep
last time I saw you
you wanted me dead
but look who's laughing now
because look who's still handcuffed to my bed

but even now, he's got control over me
and it's not hard to see
because whenever I look into his eyes
I softly crumble into the breeze

and I think he's perfect
the way his hands fit around my hips
and every time i'm blown away
by the way he kisses my red lips

so if the drugs make my sweet heart stop
and I breathe my last breath into your arms
i'll haunt you like ghost
to let you know that i'm not gone

you know i'm better than any Cinderella
stomping on my finished cigarette
so come down from your castle
and start making me sweat
Well, ****.
I used up all my luck.
Counting stars and lighting up
The weeds not enough
Because my tolerance is up
Always getting lifted
To rise above the issues
While I barely keep hope for better things
And meanwhile, you're passing out diamond rings
To anyone and anything but me
so, I don't want to even think what you do
With your smooth lines
And your kissing booth
And in my drunken state
I'm wondering underneath grey clouds
And every time I start to wonder about you
I end up fainting in front of the crowd
So i'm tearing this up and throwing it away
Not doing a **** thing but dream of us together
laughing about the world and eating ******* ice cream
But really i'm here
Drinking this clear party liquor
Finding pieces of us in it
Coming home alone
I miss you *******
This is a stick up
Give me all of your love
The smoke rolls out of my relaxed mouth
As I ask the moon for guidance in my head
My heart pounds
Feeling the buzz of nicotine inside it
Because i've been
Trying to keep up with my own life
Barely hanging by a thread
I will never soul my soul to you again  
I fell straight into your web
I barely struggled then
As I waited for your bite
You were a lion waiting in the den
On a rainy night
And I was hopeless as an unsuspecting insect
That flies straight into the light

You used to tempt me every time
With your charming, whispered lies  

You offered me the clothes off of your back
And I thought I’d got away
I thought I had been whisked away by night
Standing blindfolded in the day

And I thought this was the ending
This was only the beginning

And you were the only thing I needed
The deceit unhidden in your awful grin
Suddenly everything was tainted
Even the good things felt like poison

I was taken by the current of sorrow
So I floated away with all the rest
I surrendered without a second thought
Or an objection on my lips
I had no words left to say
Caught up listening to sirens
I had no idea this whole time
You were washing my hope of life away
Standing proudly right beside them
I had no words left to say
I knew I had already began sinking
Because my lungs were filled for days

I still brought you in
And carried all your weight
Too far gone to be salvaged
To dead on the inside to be saved
Because then I’d believe whatever you wanted me to any way
You are the most miserable person I’ve ever known
And they’d say, “don’t talk to yourself that way”

Until one split second
I had finally had enough
I fought back and I finally stood up

Where have I been!?
My heart’s shot dead
This whole time
I was waiting for you to save me
With my back turned
The bullet burned a bullet hole inside me
And from that moment, you knew I was deceived
Because you were the one who shot the gun
And told the ambulance to leave

Until one split second
This was all too much
I fought back for myself
and I finally stood up
And I ripped you straight out of my skin
Because this was finally the end of us
And I watched you writhing on the floor in pain without me
Like some sick, disgusting succubus

And I know you still watch me crawl into bed at night
Keeping an ever watchful eye
Because without my power
You never had a life

And I will NEVER feed you like I used to
Never again will you hurt her
To hell -you sickening depression
To hell - you daily, slow death ******
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