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Hyp Jan 2019
Life is a cruel hell
Buries you in crushing cold
And taunts you with warmth
That you'll NEVER hold
Hyp Nov 2015
Atheists insist that this existence subsists of nothing but
The density, material we feel and see and measure. What they're
missin' is in between the lines hooks and sinkers they bit
On the end of false authority's string, wrapped around their finger
They linger and cling to the things they've been spoon fed
From the same spoon belief was taken, the same they dread
But all they've pinned down for sure is themselves inside their heads
Waging internal war, thinking their thoughts can conquer
But only divide themselves
Every victory a loss when the attacker is the target
No stopping to look at the pieces, just charging ahead and trying to forget
No theory or equation slowing their self-invasion. No algorithm to save em. No laboratory haven
And when there's nowhere left to run, turbulent wakes don't wait, mental obliteration leaves you wracked and craven
But perhaps in the deepest rubble, after the foundations crumble
A seed may sprout that can see them out, new and humble
Unblinded equally to all sources of deception
Perhaps they can make a new life, a new perception
To err is human...but when we err far enough to break
We can rebuild, be reborn...a whole new future make.
Very quickly written for an unhappy acquaintance.

Written partially from their viewpoint and partially from my own.

For those wondering, the bits about atheists being deceived aren't actually about religion, but about both spiritual concepts and accepted science. I myself am generally opposed to religion (except in cases where individuals truly lack an internal compass and need an external one) and I do not believe in the gods of any holy books.  I just wish that I in my youth - and many of today's atheists - were not so quick to accept anything with the word "science" attached to it as truth. It is very important to learn about the days of "tobacco science" - and to observe that this phenomenon has not died, but become a central advertisement model, used by numerous industries to promote products that are harmful to human health, the environment and life as we know it, while blatantly claiming otherwise.  
It is also important to understand that the process of peer review, while effective if it were as described, is corrupted by the same interests who wish to push for sales of their products rather than probe its health risks. Only the scientific method can show you what is true. Trusting anything other that is merely accepting an authority that very well may be false.

A decent part of the poem is not directly about atheism, but the mindset that often accompanies it; a mind so hyperactive that is has enslaved its host rather than functioning as the tool it was intended to be, while reacting to concepts that could be extremely helpful with disdain due to their spiritual nature, like meditation, energy work, and focused observation and active management of one's conscious mind.

As for the spiritual part, suffice to say that my experiences in life have led me to know that I was wrong to deny for decades the possibility of the kind of things that are generally called psychic, spiritual or extrasensory phenomena. For exploring this, your best tool is the same as before and always: the scientific method.

Remember. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic...and magic is just science that we don't understand yet.

Here's to new frontiers.

(Sorry the notes ended up longer than the poem. lol)
Hyp Nov 2014
Through so many years I ran
Afraid and ever cowering
The darkness always at my back
Voracious, all-devouring

Through my mind its black claws reached
And picked apart my sanity
They scraped all chance of joy away
With endless inhumanity

Through the days and months and years
it chased and clawed relentlessly
Eventually I wondered why
I ran unending breathlessly

Through the dark I turned and looked
Pursuit suspended nervously
I granted it a name and face
It glared with vicious fervency

Through its threat I held my gaze
And ventured forth an inquiry
Its flare of rage could not repress
My newfound curiosity

Through the long nights we conversed
Debating, chatting, bickering
The darkness that devoured my life
Shrank back, diminished, flickering

Through the darkness I now saw
With unexpected clarity
We spoke as friends, no longer foes
Embracing newfound parity

Through the dark I look, and laugh
My friend now laughs along with me
Despite how it had always seemed
The darkness is a part of me

— The End —